Jun 12, 2021
Supernatural Hero and the Witches (Book 2)
Posted by Eran Gadot

Supernatural Hero and the Witches follows the AWARD WINNING book, Supernatural Hero It is the second book in the series by Eran Gadot.If you are looking for a Children s book full of action, mystery and morals, you must give it a try Andy, just one year away from junior high, has become a school hero thanks to his supernatural powers and the funny, acrobatic ghost of hisSupernatural Hero and the Witches follows the AWARD WINNING book, Supernatural Hero It is the second book in the series by Eran Gadot.If you are looking for a Children s book full of action, mystery and morals, you must give it a try Andy, just one year away from junior high, has become a school hero thanks to his supernatural powers and the funny, acrobatic ghost of his beloved Grandpa He manages to defeat evil powers and witches, to break a dangerous magic spell, and to win the heart of the most popular girl in the class Grandpa s fighting the witches He s holding a shining spear in his hand and it s shooting out multi color laser beams The witches are trying to attack him It s the first time I ve seen a real supernatural fight One of the witches is sneaking up on him from behind At the last second Grandpa pivots, his spear connects with the evil black spirit and she gets smacked right out the window Next I hear a bloodcurdling scream Supernatural Hero and the Witches is the newest in the series of suspenseful adventures about Andy, the boy who can talk to ghosts.Show less

  • Title: Supernatural Hero and the Witches (Book 2)
  • Author: Eran Gadot
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Supernatural Hero and the Witches Book Supernatural Hero and the Witches follows the AWARD WINNING book Supernatural Hero It is the second book in the series by Eran Gadot If you are looking for a Children s book full of action mystery a


    Bewitchingly Sweet I enjoyed reading the book I felt like an eight year old girl again It is a wonderfully written book for children It has an easy flow and has all the elements that keep you engaged I can say this because I have a five year old niece and I could see her beaming with joy as I read the book with her It is the second book in the series by Eran Gadot and is as much fun as the first one It has adventure, action, mystery, and ethics, thus making it a great read for you as well as you [...]

    Gamma Mouse

    Magic Some novels have it, some don t The Harry Potter series has it And Supernatural Hero and the Witches has it in spades Charm drips off each page of this wonderful young adult novel, winning the reader over with its imagination and heart.Gadot has crafted a sequel that beautifully builds upon the first book in the series, Supernatural Hero The characterizations shine Andy is such a delightful and immensely likeable protagonist, someone that is fun to root for The action is fast paced, perfec [...]

    Ginny McMath

    I read the first Hero book and loved it And I am happy to say he s done it again I love the spiritual and supernatural aspect of Eran s books He is a great storyteller and helps us believe that there are heroes in all of us and we all have outside help to guide us It s a story about love, family, witches, ghosts, friends and so much Perfect for all kids but especially for kids who need to realize that they are special and can achieve anything Taught to them in a fun, on the edge of your seat st [...]

    Sibila Vargas

    I don t watch much horror in general I m what you might call a chicken This book differs from a Goosebumps book because it is well written The characters are developed and you care about all of them.I haven t read the first in the series yet but this book was a good standalone I loved this book This is exactly the kind of book I was always looking for as a kid and rarely found.I rate this book 5 stars


    I very much enjoyed this tale of magic and morals centered around Andy While the writing can be understood by a child and enjoyed by tweens, it can be appreciated by an adult The illustrations emphasized the warm, adventurous undertone throughout the book.I haven t read the first in the series yet but this book was a good standalone The characters were strong, loveable, and importantly, believable even with an incredibly odd situation with witches everywhere.

    Rolling Dolo

    Having seen how much my nephew enjoyed reading the first book in this series, Supernatural Hero , I purchased this book for him as soon as I came across it Just as before, Eran Gadot weaves a captivating web of magic and mystery What makes this book even interesting than the first one is that the author has thrown in a little bit of high school romance into the plot as well.


    Wow, my son loved this book I know this because, not only did he tell me time and time again , but he d be so excited while reading the book that he d come give me a highly animated play by play while reading an especially exciting portion of the book We re both looking forward to another book in the series.

    Marguerite Publishing

    Andy is at it again in this incredible tale of witches, ghosts and superpowers I love reading these books as much as my daughter The stories in Books 1 and 2 remind me of the ones I enjoyed as a kid It takes you to a world of fantasy and excitement As with the first book in this series, the characters are strong and well developed The story flows smoothly and the dialog is well written The illustrations fit perfectly with how I imagined I highly recommend this book and the one before it This boo [...]

    Kelly Lynn

    Love these booksI read and loved the first book and I now love the second book too The nerd angle is brilliant with some action and even a little love story to top it off It s such a fun story that makes you want to keep reading The book ended with a great event and even gave you a little hint on what the next book is going to be about I can t wait to read that one too

    Rose Burke

    What a great read Written for kids, I felt this book did a great job with details relating to adult readers as well I haven t read the first one yet, but it works well as a standalone and now I can t wait to read the rest of the series It reminds me a lot of The Demonata series by Darren Shan, so if you re a fan of those books you ll definitely love this


    There are good books and there are books that are just great Supernatural Hero is a great series I loved the first book and came back to check the 2nd I found out that the 2nd book is almost better then the first Highly recomanded, but you must read the first book before starting the this one Enjoy.

    Jesse Noland

    Where do I even begin with this book For a book that is intended for children, it is by far one of the worst things that I have ever read and that is saying a lot considering some of the things that I have read before Let s start off with the premise of the book An eleven year old boy by the name of Andy has the ability to see the spirits of the deceased aka ghosts including the spirit of his grandfather and ghosts that act as imaginary friends With the help of his friends Tom and David, he must [...]

    Niahara Erskine

    Perhaps the most important thing about children s books is that they not only have to be able to grasp the fleeting attention of a child and keep them hooked from beginning to end, but they also have to be able to make adults feel like children again As I read Supernatural Hero and the Witches I felt and like the child I once was, believing in ghosts and magic, wanting to have all the adventures in the world, and squeaking in fear at the idea of evil witches The book is wonderfully written, wi [...]


    I had fun listening to this book in my kindle The main characters I enjoyed the most were Andy who is a preteen boy and his grandfather who happens to be a ghost Their goal was to turn witches from bad to good In order to do this they must follow some supernatural rules but everything gets even complicated as the battle of good and evil continues This story presents an interesting point that is often missed which is that battling evil doesn t come without consequences Andy s grandpa was my favo [...]

    Eran Gadot

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    Supernatural Hero and the Witches (Book 2)