May 11, 2021
Emerald Germs of Ireland
Posted by Patrick McCabe

Pat McNab, driven by rage and despair, goes on a rampage after killing his mother and ends up murdering than fifty people Or is his whiskey addled mind merely imagining these murders Reality collides with fantasy with dizzying impact as Pat reflects on the long gone days with Mommy, while fending off the persistent interferences of his small town neighbors the puritPat McNab, driven by rage and despair, goes on a rampage after killing his mother and ends up murdering than fifty people Or is his whiskey addled mind merely imagining these murders Reality collides with fantasy with dizzying impact as Pat reflects on the long gone days with Mommy, while fending off the persistent interferences of his small town neighbors the puritanical Mrs Tubridy that irascible seller of turf, the Turf Man Sgt Kojak Foley, and other unwanted snoops who could soon come to regret their inquisitive, nose poking ways.

  • Title: Emerald Germs of Ireland
  • Author: Patrick McCabe
  • ISBN: 9780060956783
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
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    Emerald Germs of Ireland Pat McNab driven by rage and despair goes on a rampage after killing his mother and ends up murdering than fifty people Or is his whiskey addled mind merely imagining these murders Reality collides


    When did matricide become comical When Patrick McCabe started writing about it.Emerald Germs of Ireland is a story about Pat McNab and his sick and twisted little mind He has a strange relationship with his mother, a little Norman Bates esque at times This strange relationship ultimately ends and the story essentially begins with Pat killing her, and his father, and then starting off into the town to knock off other germs The story is told through a series of short stories all revolving around P [...]


    I had no idea what was going on for a while and then I realised that that was the whole point of the story No one really knows what is real and what is imagined, the protagonist or the reader A little annoying for a while but ultimately an enjoyable read.If you ve watched the Butcher Boy than once you ll probably have Francie Brady in your head for a large part of this book.


    Entertaining at first, and then, ya know, you get it It becomes quite redundant by chapter 6 Irish song and murder, Irish song and murder

    Scott Seay

    Wacky good fun probably a whole lot funnier if you know stock Irish problems and people Not for someone who likes a realistic novel, or wants to read a pretty story.


    A load of aul shite as the protagonist Pat McNabb might say With a few exceptions, each of the 14 chapters starts with a song, an annoying character crossing paths with, and indeed often staying with, the aforementioned delusional, alcoholic, matricidal Pat, Pat getting thoroughly annoyed with the annoying character, Pat then killing and burying the annoying character in his garden.It takes until about the halfway mark before there is any exposition of Pat s back story so up to that point there [...]


    Never before have I given 3 stars to something so well written It has noting to do with the author s ability to tell a story, but my own preference You would think from the books description that this is about a troubled man that drinks too much Instead it is about a man who is completely delusional His delusions control the narrative So you don t know if anything described is actually happening in the story But the way the authors writes, his choice of words and way of conveying ideas, is amazi [...]


    I picked this up without knowing a thing about it My timing, I think, was based on my either immanent or recently finished trip to Ireland I remember most of the book still six years later It left a deep impression on me I think this was also around the time that I was starting to listen to the album Murder Ballads by Nick Cave the Bad Seeds.Wonderful piece of writing I d recommend it to anyone.


    I cordially dislike allegory is a fine, gentlemanly way to qualify one s allegorical preference without appearing to be either a snob or a sourpuss Yo Mama so ugly she had to feed you with a slingshot is neither fine nor gentlemanly, and certainly not as subtle as Yo Mama so ugly she made Ray Charles flinch So there you go Always remember that in an age dominated by irony, conscious or not, this guy is not afraid to be sincere.


    I loved Butcher Boy so much that a thoughtful friend bought me this book I couldn t actually finish it There was too much flowery descriptions of an obviously mentally disturbed alcoholic I just couldn t get into the writing, the character or the plot which I assume would show up eventually if I had continued reading I gave up half way through the book.


    Loved The Butcher Boy Loved Breakfast on Pluto Wanted so much to love this and every other McCabe book I could get my mitts on But didn t love it Liked some parts, but no love found Will still pick up every book that this great writer writes from here on out hoping to find the love.

    Martin Roberts

    A disappointment compared to other books of McCabe s Some of these jewels sparkle, but others read like potboilers.

    Patrick Hadley

    Really repetitive Not too creative Lots of good murders, though


    McCabe is a fantastic writer but the plot itself getsa bit Norman Bates ey toward the end.


    good read

    Beth Shields-Szostak

    remainder mark

    Tim Corke

    Just couldn t get into it off to the Bookcrossing in the hope someone else can


    not Butcher Boy brilliant, but still a pleasure.

    Matt Reese

    Witty, gritty and a little twisted Liked it enough to possibly reread it soon.

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