May 16, 2021
Romancing the Grinch
Posted by Tamara Philip

Lenora Winslow absolutely despises holiday cheer Logan Darling thrives in the festive season When the two meet by chance on Christmas Eve, will love be in the air or will it be a case of the winter blues

  • Title: Romancing the Grinch
  • Author: Tamara Philip
  • ISBN: 01866
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Romancing the Grinch Lenora Winslow absolutely despises holiday cheer Logan Darling thrives in the festive season When the two meet by chance on Christmas Eve will love be in the air or will it be a case of the winter bl

    Stella Coulson

    When it comes to Christmas we are all split between being the cynic Lenora and sentimental Logan Romancing the Grinch brings these two opposing natures together for this charming festive tale.Lenora at any time of the year would be described as a sarcastic woman, but Christmas always brought out the Grinch in her While pressing the Close door button, she stared blankly as the woman struggled to run huge gift bags with shiny wrapped presents banging against her legs As the sliding door dinged shu [...]


    Even though I got and appreciated most of Lenora s sarcastic humor, her spitefulness made me really dislike her As such, I really didn t feel that she deserved Logan s attentions He managed to hit a soft spot within her, but stillIf there was some hint as to why she was such a disagreeable person, I could have given her some slack, and rated this overall delightful story with another star.

    Gisele Walko

    3.5 3.75I just wish I knew why Lenora was so mean The writing was good Logan was very likeable Would definitely read from Tamara.

    Cecilia Rivera

    I loved it Need I say

    Neva Squires-Rodriguez

    Great holiday read Tamara Philip really brings it to the table this season with her latest romance Loved it

    Tamara Philip

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