May 06, 2021
The Angel of Grozny: Orphans of a Forgotten War
Posted by Åsne Seierstad Nadia Christensen

In the early hours of New Year s 1994, Russian troops invaded the Republic of Chechnya, plunging the country into a prolonged and bloody conflict that continues to this day A foreign correspondent in Moscow at the time, sne Seierstad traveled regularly to Chechnya to report on the war, describing its affects on those trying to live their daily lives amidst violence.In thIn the early hours of New Year s 1994, Russian troops invaded the Republic of Chechnya, plunging the country into a prolonged and bloody conflict that continues to this day A foreign correspondent in Moscow at the time, sne Seierstad traveled regularly to Chechnya to report on the war, describing its affects on those trying to live their daily lives amidst violence.In the following decade, Seierstad became an internationally renowned reporter and author, traveling to the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other war torn regions But she never lost sight of this conflict that had initially inspired her career Over the course of a decade, she watched as Russia ruthlessly suppressed an Islamic rebellion in two bloody wars and as Chechnya evolved into one of the flashpoints in a world now focused on the threat of international terrorism.In 2006, Seierstad finally returned to Chechnya, traveling in secret and under the constant threat of danger In a broken and devastated society she lived with orphans, the wounded, the lost And she lived with the children of Grozny, those who will shape the country s future She asks the question What happens to a child who grows up surrounded by war and accustomed to violence A compelling, intimate, and often heartbreaking portrait of Chechnya today, The Angel of Grozny is a vivid account of a land s violent history and its ongoing battle for freedom.

  • Title: The Angel of Grozny: Orphans of a Forgotten War
  • Author: Åsne Seierstad Nadia Christensen
  • ISBN: 9780465011223
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Angel of Grozny Orphans of a Forgotten War In the early hours of New Year s Russian troops invaded the Republic of Chechnya plunging the country into a prolonged and bloody conflict that continues to this day A foreign correspondent in

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    It may be effective for Errol Morris to allow his interviewees to gush unchecked and create a culpable subtext This is a fine strategy for him It works well on film Pages of raving do not make for persuasive or evocative prose If the person in question is a young man leaning towards jihad or a Russian reactionary whose son has been imprisoned for a hate crime, it doesn t lead anywhere to have pages of stuttering conspiracy theories and gnashing hate speech.I couldn t tell if Angel of Grozny want [...]

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    Anushree Rastogi

    When I started reading this book, the Boston bombings hadn t yet happened and Chechnya was a country that had been conveniently forgotten like so many war torn nations of the world It was therefore with feelings of apprehension and excitement at getting to know a little about the Soviet Union, my latest interest, that I picked this one up Then of course, there was a bomb blast People died and , suddenly, the internet was flooded with information on this seemingly insignificant nation with an ar [...]

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    War is bad Here s why sne Seierstad s first assignment as a journalist was as Moscow correspondent for a Norwegian newspaper What she lacked in writing experience, she made up for in her fluent Russian and fearlessness By stealth, as well as official invitation, she spent over a decade reporting from Chechnya Her meetings with the Chechen president, whose image in tandem with his father, the murdered ex president is ubiquitious, would be hilarious were the leaders not so thuggish and brutal The [...]


    This is the third Seierstad book I ve read, but this book makes her the most approachable That probably lies in the fact that many of her experiences in the book are very personal to in that they occurred at the beginning of her journalistic career and were very frightening often, frankly, quite foolhardy and, perhaps, therefore hold greater weight in her memories Seierstad does an excellent job of explaining the complexities of the Chechen War and why independence is so important to the Chechen [...]

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    2007 .


    I admit I am biased about loving this book because I basically want to be Asne Seierstad That said, this was an excellent book about those who are affected by war And recently And not in Iraq or Afghanistan It s the story of people, especially children, caught in the war in Chechnya.It s funny that I can t stand to watch violent tv shows or movies, but I m compelled to read books like this Further, I m grateful to people like Seierstad for traveling to dangerous places and talking to dangerous p [...]


    I wish American reporting was like this book Yes, I know Seirstad is from Norway but I can wish.This is a good luck at how war effects and affects society on a micro and macro level The focus is a married couple who have taken in orphans, but Seierstad focuses on other families as well This is actual gripping than Bookseller of Kabul and quite is rather brutal.


    Asne Seierstad was a freelance journalist in Moscow when the first Chechen war broke out Acting under a poorly understood compulsion to find out what was really going on there, she sweet talked her way onto a military transport plane and ended up in Grozny She spent several months during the first war, and again during the second war, slipping around Chechnya, often disguised as a Chechen woman in order to avoid attention and get into places foreigners were forbidden to enter, so she could inter [...]


    An eye opener I have great respect for Norwegian journalist Asne Seirstad and her research.Jacket blurb In the early hours of New Year s 1994, Russian troops invaded the Republic of Chechnya, plunging the country into a prolonged and bloody conflict that continues to this day A foreign correspondent in Moscow at the time, sne Seierstad traveled regularly to Chechnya to report on the war, describing its affects on those trying to live their daily lives amidst violence In the following decade, Sei [...]

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    Gr matas autore Osne Seierstade ir talant ga norv u urn liste 24 gadu vecum str d ja Maskav , tobr d 1994 gad , tas bija p rmai u un nemieru laiks Krievijas karasp ks iebruka e enij Osne Seierstade dev s turp, kur zemi plosa kar , lai sav m ac m redz tu pretrun go paties bu un st st tu par to pasaulei 12 gadus v l k, kad rakstniece guvusi atzin bas par report m no karstajiem punktiem , vi a neleg li, risk jor ar dz v bu, atgrie s e enij , kur kar v l nebija beidzies G to iespaidu rezult t tapa g [...]


    The book definitely deserves no less than five stars The gifted writer describes her experiences in Chechnya along than fifteen years During the first war, the second war, and in the recent times, under the presidency of Ramazan Qadirov.How much unknown pain was suffered in Chechnya How much suffering passed away without any one knowing about How many people disappeared without a single person knowing where they have gone how much fear and drastic memories are there instilled in the hearts of t [...]

    Mark Sequeira

    Okay, now at the end of the book, I will still say buy it and read it Sad, unfortunate, desperate, will it ever end Even though I borrowed it from the library, I will be buying it Read the first paragraph, then the first chapter introduction and see if you can put it down Sad, depressing, shocking all describe this book and the horrible terror of being Chechen in the Caucasus Ichkeria today I will have to come back and write a full review but people should know about what s going on in Chechnya [...]


    Seierstad, a Norwegian reporter, was 24 when she first left Moscow to go into Chechnya it was her first year of working as a journalist to report about the life and ongoings during the first war Her account is a tremendous work that blends political with historical facts, offers a great insight into Chechen and Russian culture and last but not least documents her personal experiences during the first and second Chechen wars Especially for her documentation of human tragedy in a time of violent p [...]

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    o gr matu ir sarakst jusi Osne Seierstade 1994 gad , kad Krievijas karasp ka iebrukums e enijas republik jau bija izdevies, talant g , 24 gadus vec norv u urn liste dodas uz kara izplos to zemi, neskatoties uz daudzajiem atrun t jiem, lai b tu tie i epicentr un sav m ac m redz tu visu notieko o P c 12 gadiem, kad rakstniece jau guvusi atzin bu par sav m report m no pasaules karstajiem punktiem , vi a neleg li, risk jot ar savu dz v bu atgrie as e enij , ta u tur v l kar nebija beidzies aj gr mat [...]

    Carol Harrison

    I don t understand why the title of this book is The Angel of Grozny Orphans of a Forgotten War, when only about 1 12, or 2 chapters out of 24, relate to Hadijat the Angel and the lives of war orphaned children The rest of the book is mostly made up of accounts of the author s travels in Chechnya and Moscow and her interviews with soldiers, politicians, and citizens While it certainly does focus attention on the horrors and injustice of war in general, and in Chechnya particularly, it doesn t do [...]

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    I knew nothing of Chechnya before reading this book and, although it s dangerous to take any one account of such a complex situation as gospel, I do feel informed And that is one of the triumphs of this book that it makes clear the lack of clarity, and the complexity, of ancient regional warfare Although there is great sympathy for the Chechens, Seierstad is careful to illuminate the stories of Russians too Ultimately it s a bleak book, and there is no sign of resolution, but in the details of [...]


    Seirstad is a fantastic journalist and writer This is a great book.

    أحمد الحمدان

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    Salome Khaindrava

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    Year 1995 When I watched Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis on DD 1 channel I was so surprised to know that such things could happen in Russia too News from Chechnya was flowing since then but I always ignored it as conflicts happening inside former Soviet republics Year 2014 Middle East once again in turmoil Gulf War 3.0 was about to shape out I have started following western media after the successive insurrection of Islamic State and their conquest of Mosul in Iraq Initially, like Russia in [...]

    Lorenzo Berardi

    From the bestselling author of the extremely overrated Bookseller of Kabul , comes this book about Chechnya The Angel of Grozny is much better than what Seierstad wrote and thought to see about life in Kabul, but is still affected by the same cons.Here we have a young and undoubtedly talented journalist who is not content of being a reporter but would rather like to be a writer, a storyteller.And sne Seierstad does have the gift of writing some touching and beautiful descriptions here and there [...]

    Moheeb Abualqumboz

    English brief follows 22 My English comment When Chris asked me why I bought this book from that street vendor on Oxford Rd I said I need to see others lived the war atrocities like we did in Gaza Palestine for 22 days under fire and death smokes.I have noticed we share the Chechens in many things after I have read the novel Thanks to Asne, I managed to know how brutal were the Russians against Muslims in Chechnya They ruined life and created thousands of orphans, yet alone double of lost and [...]


    Do you know how it is to live in the middle of a war field sne Seierstad do.What you read, heard or saw in the news doesn t count I m talking about experiencing it, living it Feeling the constant fear of death, witnessing it.If there s one thing that I noticed about books of war that I ve read so far, is that at a point, I start getting tired and uncomfortable for reading such violence.Then, If I feel bad just by reading it, I don t even want to know how these people felt.But again, sne Seiersta [...]

    Alison Hardtmann

    I don t think that I ve ever read a book that has made me so aware about how little I know I m a bit of a news junkie, so I d read whatever showed up in the papers about Chechnya, but that didn t even touch what is going on now and what has happened in Chechnya s bloody past For example, did you know that Stalin deported the whole damn country to Khazakhstan A half million mountain people were sent to live on the plains of Khazakhstan with no means of support Twenty five percent died on the jour [...]

    Michael Griswold

    Journalist Asne Seierstad always one for a challenge takes us inside Chechnya and talks to the residents of one of the Russian Federations most volatile republics that has been absolutely gutted by two wars between The Russians and Chechen Islamic insurgents in the mid 1990 s and early 2000 s.It is one thing to read the cold grey of newspaper statistics from a war zonex people killed, y people injured, but it is quite another to sit in the living room and listen to the story of a mother whose lo [...]

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    Well, its really complicated to write a review about this book, how can I say I liked a book telling the story of war orphans will it really make sense to say that I enjoyed the book to the extent that I hated to finish it The book tells stories of torn killed torturer Muslim families in Bosnia by Soviet then Russian then finally puppet government appointed RussiansToo many lessons I learnt from this book, 1 To read about the international world view towards racism and mascaras against Muslims [...]

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