Oct 20, 2020
The Invitation
Posted by Lucy Foley

An evocative love story set along the Italian Riviera about a group of charismatic stars who all have secrets and pasts they try desperately and dangerously to hide.Rome, 1953 Hal, an itinerant journalist flailing in the post war darkness, has come to the Eternal City to lose himself and to seek absolution for the thing that haunts him One evening he finds himself on tAn evocative love story set along the Italian Riviera about a group of charismatic stars who all have secrets and pasts they try desperately and dangerously to hide.Rome, 1953 Hal, an itinerant journalist flailing in the post war darkness, has come to the Eternal City to lose himself and to seek absolution for the thing that haunts him One evening he finds himself on the steps of a palazzo, walking into a world of privilege and light Here, on a rooftop above the city, he meets the mysterious Stella Hal and Stella are from different worlds, but their connection is magnetic Together, they escape the crowded party and imagine a different life, even if it s just for a night Yet Stella vanishes all too quickly, and Hal is certain their paths won t cross again.But a year later they are unexpectedly thrown together, after Hal receives an invitation he cannot resist An Italian Contessa asks him to assist on a trip of a lifetime acting as a reporter on a tremendous yacht, skimming its way along the Italian coast toward Cannes film festival, the most famous artists and movie stars of the day gathered to promote a new film.Of all the luminaries aboard an Italian ingenue, an American star, a reclusive director only one holds Hal in thrall Stella And while each has a past that belies the gilded surface, Stella has the most to hide As Hal s obsession with Stella grows, he becomes determined to bring back the girl she on

  • Title: The Invitation
  • Author: Lucy Foley
  • ISBN: 9780316273473
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Invitation Mar , A man accepts an invitation to a dinner party hosted by his ex wife, an unsettling affair that reopens old wounds and creates new tensions. The Invitation Rotten Tomatoes Audience Reviews for The Invitation Feb , Something about this style of story telling is very unsettling, it feels a bit of from the start Makes you think about all the times you felt The Invitation film % Off Sitewide The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer Feb , The Invitation is a soulful poem about what should really matter between humans, not what Madison Avenue tries to condition people to The book contains the poem, and a discussion of

    The Invitation An evocative love story set along the Italian Riviera about a group of charismatic stars who all have secrets and pasts they try desperately and dangerously to hide Rome Hal an itinerant journa

    Bill Kupersmith

    Reading The Invitation was another experience of time travel such as I d enjoyed with Anton DiSclafani s The After Party But on this round the time warp was vicarious Lucy Foley s book reminded me so much of another that affected me hugely as a teenager, Lawrence Durrell s Justine, which some sixty years ago introduced my boyish imagination to a fictional world of incredible sophistication The parallels are remarkable In both an expatriate English writer exiled penuriously to a Mediterranean cit [...]


    I received this via FirstReads giveaways in exchange for an honest review Just didn t grab me

    Karen Mace

    I was very lucky to receive a hardback stunning cover photo copy of this book from the publishers Harper Collins, in return for a fair and honest review.If you are looking for a holiday from the comfort of your own home this summer, then I can highly recommend this book Set mainly around the Italian Riviera, this is a stunning story of romance, secret pasts, glamour and chance meetings Some things are maybe just meant to be.Hal and Stella are the two main characters of this book and we follow bo [...]


    A novel I picked up randomly in the bookstore to browse as the blurb seemed interesting and then I couldn t put down and had to read it until the end late in the evenings at home.While it belongs to the long ago secrets sub genre and it splits the action between the present Rome and the Ligurian coast 1953, where the main characters meet and then go on a movie promotional trip on a yacht, he being an English expatriate, writer, journalist, though with an Italian mother and a brigadier father, wa [...]

    Joanna Park

    The Invitation is definitely one of those books that takes you to another time and place I really felt like I was travelling through post war Europe with the characters, experiencing all the sights with them I now really hope to travel through Europe at some point and visit all the countries they did.I loved the Countessa I thought she was such a fantastic character, so full of life despite her age , welcoming, friendly and a tad mischievous Her obvious care towards her guests and her meddling i [...]


    This book is so conflicting I wanted to like this book a lot The setting is interesting, the cover is stunning, the era is interesting, but there is just too much of could have been.Let me explain The romance between two people struggling with their past has the potential to be interesting Exploring the innerworking of the film world and rich circles in Italy as oppose to Hollywood is doubtlessly worth reading as well And post WWII Europe is a place that allows for endless stories, recoving from [...]


    The Invitation by Lucy Foley for me is a mix on four stories Hal s, Stella s, The old sea captains and then the story that includes those three stories It s an interesting story, an interesting and appalling story about war, how it affects relationships, families and hope, but I really did not understand the necessity of the old captains story and how come everyone on the yacht treated Hal, the journalist, as their confessor, and they all told him about their personal secrets and tragedy True, H [...]


    Travel to the Italian Riviera with Lucy link Invitation to a cruise holidayIf I ever go on a cruise around the Italian Riviera, this is both the journey and the boat I d like to go on What a woman Stella was I loved the multi layers of this tale from Hal and Stella s present day yearnings to their past troubles, the various characters on board the boat, and the story which was told in the film, this was a Gatsby esque tale of how glitz and glamour can hide so many secrets and so much pain.Stella [...]

    Penny (Literary Hoarders)

    I had to stay up and finish this one Very good reading I feel however that the blurbs on the back referencing this as a dazzling romance have missed the point entirely To me this was about obsession and the secrets kept another summer read that deals with the deep scars they carry around and the quest for redemption, repair, creation of a new self I do recommend


    I read and reviewed Lucy Foley s debut novel, The Book of Lost and Found on Random Things in January 2015 and was looking forward to reading The Invitation on my holiday to Croatia a few weeks ago.I did find The Invitation a little difficult to engage with during the first couple of chapters there are quite a few characters to get to know and I wasn t sure about lead character Hal at all However, the beautiful writing and the incredible sense of place soon drew me in, and before I knew it, I was [...]


    This was an enjoyable and entertaining read I was caught up in the story and liked how things were revealed through both the dual timelines and dual character perspectives This is a good choice if you want an easy flowing historical fiction read with a touch of intrigue and a bit of a romantic element.I received a copy of this book through a giveaway.

    Alyssa Palombo

    Beautifully written an almost dream like story with different connected narratives woven together.

    Sarah Beth

    I received an advance reading copy of this book as a giveaway on This novel opens in Rome in 1953 and follows Hal, a journalist struggling to make ends meet and recover from his experiences during the war One evening he finds himself a guest at a wealthy palazzo and meets the mysterious and beautiful Stella For one night, they steal away, but Hal doubts he will see Stella again But a year later, Hal is asked to serve as a reporter for a new film at the Cannes film festival En route, Hal discover [...]


    The Invitation by Lucy Foley should be considered a classic I was immediately drawn in after reading the first few pages, and I never put it down If you are looking for a true work of literature, an epic love story, and do not care for the tawdry detailed accounts of intimate moments that most contemporary books seem to be plagued by, then this is a must read.The book is mainly set during the 1950 s, with flashbacks to previous decades here and there It is centered around Hal Jacobs, a young jou [...]


    I admit to reading some of the advance reviews and thought this book would be right up my alley However, I was disappointed It was not a bad book It just did not hold my interest I found the characters to be unlikable and flawed, but interestingly After all the 5 star reviews, I feel like I must have missed something, but cannot bring myself to consider re reading it The one character I really enjoyed was the Contessa She reminded me of a 1940 s film star She had warmth and was the one character [...]


    Auf eine literarische Reise entlang der Riviera begibt man sich mit dieser sommerlichen Lekt re Ausgangspunkt ist allerdings Rom, und wer schon einmal in der Ewigen Stadt war, wird vom ersten Moment an verzaubert sein Hal f hrt nicht nur Stella durch die verwinkelten Gassen dieser ehrw rdigen Metropole, auch als Leser bekommt man einen sch nen Blick darauf Hal begegnet der geheimnisvollen Stella auf einer Party der Contessa, bei der er sich alles andere als wohl f hlt Hal geh rt nicht zu dieser [...]


    This fascinating novel captures a particular poignancy of loss and pain in post WWII Europe Almost everyone in the story is deeply wounded and damaged There is no happiness for them, just moments of less pain It s pretty draining at times to know just how much they suffered, and yet I found them utterly compelling.What I didn t find especially credible was the actual love story between Hal and Stella To my view, Hal was too intense, too determined to save Stella, without ever really understandin [...]

    Ashley Murphy

    I need stars Oh this book So beautiful So perfect.

    Bri •Books and Bri•

    This was a fantastically written story that really makes me want to travel The romance was engaging, and I could not help but get drawn into the loss and recovery the characters went through I think that Foley did an amazing job of depicting post war issues and describing some of the traumatic events that people lived through Hal and Stella both have heavy baggage from the past, and it was wonderful to learn about what makes each of them tick Also, I now really want to go on an Italian cruise O [...]

    Robyn Markow

    An interesting if bit cold and removed kind of book which is kind of ironic since it takes place in the sunny Mediterranean coast of Italy and Southern France However, the story had enough in it to keep me interested One night in early 1950 s Rome,Hal Jacobs,a struggling British expat journalist,meets a beautiful alluring woman named Stella and they have a one night stand and he never truly forgets her Two years later,in one of those coincidences that only seem to happen in novels and movies ,he [...]

    Megan Jones

    This is set in Rome, 1950 and starts with Hal meeting the beautiful Stella, a society girl from New York In Hal s post war world she is a piece of light but Stella has a secret past and secrets in her current life After their one night together, Stella disappears until and invitation from the Contessa to Hal sends her spiralling back into his world They are both completely different but as their worlds entwine can they make it work or will the past be their downfall I really enjoyed this read, I [...]


    Rome, the early 1950 s Ex pat Hal is trying to scrape a living in the Eternal City by writing for a small paper By chance Hal is offered the opportunity to attend a society gathering in place of a friend who cannot go Here fate plays a part and Hal meets the gorgeous Stella, a society beauty from New York Two years on from the society gathering, the Contessa who hosted the gathering 2 years gets back in touch will Hal, asking him to cover the launch of her latest film at Cannes Hal grabs this op [...]

    PennsyLady (Bev)

    Three story lines are interwoven in The Invitation, by Lucy Foley.On the Italian Riviera in the 1950s, Hal Jacobs is an English journalist, struggling with scars from war and a broken engagement back home.Quite by chance, he receives an invitation from a wealthy Contessa he had met previously, to join the famous, talented people she had selected to cruise from Italy to Cannes,publicizing her film, THE SEA CAPTAIN.Why would a drifter, just barely making a living, be invited aboard Our second plot [...]


    Received a copy from a giveaway.This isn t my usual kind of read, found the cover enticing so entered the giveaway.The writing is very descriptive and easy to read, would like to know a bit about some of the characters but enjoyed the back stories of Stella and Hal, overall an enjoyable read.


    I would love to go to Italy I thought this book might take me there, but it only put me to sleep The story was soooooo slooooooow I can t even tell you what it was about I d read a sentence several times my mind was wandering It didn t keep my interest at all DNF 34%.

    Gail Haigh

    More of a 3.5 than a 3 A beautifully written book, with wonderful imagery and dazzling descriptions An enjoyable plot, but it was not an unusual or different tale really, and failed to fully pull me into it or to really care deeply for either of the central characters.


    I loved The Invitation The characters were so well written, the locations so vividly described they were characters themselves I cried than once as I read how deeply war affected the lives of those who survived I will recommend this book to all my friends who appreciate a story well told.


    10 10 for this excellent read Read my review very soon at candysbookcase.wordpress

    Cressida McLaughlin

    Beautiful and mesmerizing and full of wonder and loss and love I adored this book, and am writing this with a lump in my throat.


    Perfect summer holiday reading romance but so much .

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