May 07, 2021
Tisha: The Wonderful True Love Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaskan Wilderness
Posted by Robert Specht

Alaska was as remote as the moon, as roistering and lawless as the Gold Rush And a pretty young schoolteacher from Colorado like Anne Hobbs was even rarer than nuggets So appealing are the people here, even the villainous ones so dramatic is the landscape in which they act out their adventure so pure is the moral conflict that forms the story s backbone, and so honestAlaska was as remote as the moon, as roistering and lawless as the Gold Rush And a pretty young schoolteacher from Colorado like Anne Hobbs was even rarer than nuggets So appealing are the people here, even the villainous ones so dramatic is the landscape in which they act out their adventure so pure is the moral conflict that forms the story s backbone, and so honest is its sentimentality that I managed to suspend all my disbelief as I read it And it was with pleasure that I raced through this good old fashioned yarn, hissing the villains, holding my breath at each succeeding catastrophe, and above all adoring plain old Anne Hobbs as she calls herself, the pretty slip of a nineteen year old who in 1927 had the courage not only to brave the Alaska wilderness as a teacher in the tiny gold mining community called Chicken, but also to face down the community s violent disapproval when she dared to treat the local Indians as human being

  • Title: Tisha: The Wonderful True Love Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaskan Wilderness
  • Author: Robert Specht
  • ISBN: 9780553265965
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Tisha The Wonderful True Love Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaskan Wilderness Alaska was as remote as the moon as roistering and lawless as the Gold Rush And a pretty young schoolteacher from Colorado like Anne Hobbs was even rarer than nuggets So appealing are the people here

    Gwen Haaland

    One of my top shelf favorite books of all time and a true story which takes place in Alaska in the late 1920 s I re read this book every few years and never grow tired of it It has all the elements to keep the reader hooked adventure, living with hardship through a frigid Alaska winter, dogsled races, a student who perseveres despite a reading handicap, the heroic teacher who loves her students and despite all, bravely stands up to a community with a rigid backwards way of thinking racism Anne d [...]


    Tisha is a Very nice read,I also recommend Tisha s House and the FortyMile Country by lisa Johnson.I am Anne Purdy s grandson and have spent many summers up in chicken with my granmother,before her passing,in the late 80 s Tisha s House and the Fortymile country,which was written by my wife lisa,Takes you on a photographic tour of the fortymile region and the house my granmother and granfather raised all those adopted kids in,I highly recommend you get it questions or info just send me an e mail [...]

    Katina stewart

    I read this while on vacation and was having a hard time putting it down, when I was supposed to be going to Disney World There is so much adventure and bravery and it s a TRUE story The woman is so brave and wonderful in the way she treats the Native American children I m 1 2 Eskimo and live in Alaska and though I ve mostly been treated well all of my life, I can only imagine what these Indian children were going through and what an angel Tisha must have been to them.I met one of the children s [...]


    2.75 starsYears ago I read Benedict Freedman s Mrs Mike I loved the simple story of a marriage between a young woman and a Canadian Mountie A clean romance, it went on my keeper shelf and I have read it several times since In the meantime, the title of this book kept coming up on my recommended shelf here on so I decided to give it a try.TISHA takes place in 1927 in the Alaskan Territory It is about the one year that Anne Hobbs, a nineteen year old, spent teaching in the gold mine town of Chicke [...]


    Adventure writing at its best A brave young woman travels to a small Alaskan outpost in the early 1900s to serve as a teacher to nine young students Tisha is how the Indian children pronounced the word teacher, thus the title of the book I found Tisha whose real name was Ann to be admirable on many levels brave, vivacious, and intelligent Her big heart compelled her to teach Indians as well as the white folks and this brought her to odds with the school board and the respected members of the com [...]


    One of my favorite books to recommend to library patrons, it obtained a higher percentage of likes than most Biographies set in Alaska were a particularly popular library genre in our rural county.Realizing that I didn t have the energy to thrive long term in a classroom, the thought of teaching in isolated communities still held appeal Hitch hike to some end of the road village, learn the place while teaching, being a storyteller, then move on.Mentally, somehow, I link Tisha to the Water Is Wid [...]


    Not great writing, but fascinating documentation of time, place, attitudes particularly racism against indigenous peoples of the north I d hoped to learn about life in the Indian camp, but that wasn t Hobbs story Typical of the time, I suppose, that when our protagonist decides she wants to adopt two half breeds it doesn t occur to her to seek permission from their people And enlightening to note that she had the most success as a parent when she stopped trying to make those kids act white High [...]


    This is my mom s book She let me borrow it about 20 years ago around the same time we moved out of Alaska For about the past 10 years or so, she has been asking for it back, so it was time to read it.I loved this book I grew up in Alaska, so I was not blown away by the descriptions of the cold weather, deep snow, or dark winter Those were facts of life I ve even ridden in dogsleds before So instead I read those passages with a bit of nostalgia Of course, I lived there in the 70s and 80s and I li [...]


    The story of Annie Hobbs, who went to the remote village of Chicken, Alaska in the fall of 1927 to be the school teacher for a year During the year she confronted the prejudices of the village towards the Indians and the half breeds She also learned a lot about herself and what she was capable of doing The title is a fracturing of the word Teacher as used by several of the children I enjoyed this It was sitting on my bookshelf and my memory is that I d read it as a teen during my I want to be a [...]


    Why I liked this book 1 Its a true story about the pioneer days of Alaska2 Its a book about a woman fighting for what she believes in although the odds are stacked against her3 Its full of compassion and kindness4 Its got a full helping of romance, perseverance, adventure and hard work5 I like the ending.


    This is my all time favorite book I read it at least once a year if not A most incredible story.


    This book made me want to go live in Alaska Anne Hobbs is a young woman, nineteen years old, who decides she wants to teach in the Alaskan wilderness From the time I d been a girl I d been thrilled with the idea of living on a frontier, so when I was offered the job of teaching school in a gold mining settlement called Chicken, I accepted right away The trip itself up to Chicken is arduous and Tisha has many adventures She meets a grizzly bear, comes across too closely a herd of caribou, and is [...]


    I have mixed feelings about this one On the one hand, it is the true story of an inspiring woman with an enormous heart and a lot of courage Also, the book really drags you into early century Alaska, with all the grit that this entails I ve certainly learned a lot about the murderous winters up there, plus what people had to do in order to get through them, and I have a new found respect for all the courageous pioneers who explored that land and settled in it The book also paints an incredibly r [...]


    Survival in the Arctic is beyond my capabilities, I fear Those long nights and frigid temperatures would overwhelm me But I always like to read about other people s experiences Here we have a girl raised in the lower 48 who goes north to teach in a small Alaskan village Specht has brought this experience to life I ve read the book several times and always enjoyed it In some ways, it s reminiscent of Mrs Mike, but I like this book better.


    I read this book years ago and it is still one of the first books that I recommend when someone says, what is a good book that I could read It is a true story and a fun read that describes the world of Alaska and inspires you with its good example of being true to yourself.

    Margie (Bookzombie)

    This was a re read It is one of my favorite books of all time.


    Racism irks me to my core Those who stand firm against it deserve to have their story told.


    A true story of a young woman who goes to Alaska to teach elementary school in the 1920s This is a delightful story that starts off with a difficult journey getting into the wilderness of Alaska Anne, joins the postal delivery team who risks their lives each time they make the treacherous journey through the wilds of Alaska to deliver mail and packages Anne reaches her destination only to deal with unsatisfactory housing but the villagers pitch in supplies and fix up her room She is also greeted [...]


    A young schoolteacher comes to frontier Alaska for adventure and finds it along with some romance Much of the story focuses on her matter of fact battle against discrimination mistreatment of her Native American students This heartwarming novel is based on the experiences of a real life heroine.


    I was given this book to read by a friend who said, I m sure you will like this book, actually, I know you will How right she was I created mental pictures of the events as they occurred and thats not always something I can do with books, but this one had me cornered.I just couldn t put it down.It has to be the best book I have ever read.The story of Anne Hobbs, a young nineteen year old teacher, fresh from Missouri, had set out on an adventure, to teach the children of the frontier, in the smal [...]


    Alaska was as remote as the moon, as roistering and lawless as the Gold Rush And a pretty young schoolteacher from Colorado like Anne Hobbs was even rarer than nuggets This is the story of her journey into the Alaska wilderness to become a teacher in the small gold mining town of Chicken In 1927, she courageously braved both the elements and the disapproval of many after she tries to treat the Native Americans as equals It s a good old fashioned yarn, full of catastrophes and hiss worthy villain [...]


    When I was at the official Iditarod hotel s gift shop, I somewhat indifferently asked for a story about Alaskan pioneers, hoping to reexperience a tale of wilderness, hardship, and literal trail blazing Later, I learned the name of an unforgettable 1960s Alaskan documentary that I had hoped had some textual analogue Alone in the Wilderness by Dick Proenneke The clerk said that all the sourdoughs born Alaskans read this book before they re grown, that it was a quintessential true story about a yo [...]


    themes race, discrimination, love, education, survival, couragesetting Alaska 1920sAnne Hobbs grew up in mining towns, but she decided she wanted some adventure, to do something different with her life So she set off for Alaska to be a schoolteacher She faces some harsh conditions there, but the hardest thing to deal with is the persistent racism against the Indians Anne s own grandma was an Indian, and she was the only person who ever showed her unconditional love Anne is the last person to hol [...]


    Wow What a lovely story, in a light, can t put it down style.It is clean all the way through, with one racy paragraph on the last page Ladies, I know you all think I am a wimp, and you ARE RIGHT Speaking as an author, she could have told the passionate kissing scene with class and kept the romance I love the fact it was actually true It was hard to believe, but I love a true story ANd what a story With enough plot turns to make you think it was just darn good fiction I am still sad over the end [...]


    It is 1927, and Anne Hobbs is a twenty year old teacher who decides to leave her job in Oregon to teach in Chicken, Alaska She is unprepared for the rugged life but meets the challenges with spirit and strength A novice horseback rider, she soon has to adapt as the only way into to Chicken is with a horsepack and mule train which delivers the mail as well as supplies The life depicted in the local Indian village is heart rendering In Chicken, she is able to adapt to her students needs and cultur [...]

    Anita Williamson

    My all time favorite book The first time I read it, I turned around and read it again 3 days later I liked it so much Wonderful wonderful book I love how racism is handled in this book The people that are racists run the gamut as opposed to how Hollywood portrays them as completely bad Some don t have issues with the Indians as long as they keep to themselves, others like them as long as they don t marry whites and others don t like them at all On the Indian side there are some characters that a [...]


    I loved it I got lucky finding this one I sometimes go to the library and take books home that the library is giving away for free and this one was on their free shelf It looked interesting so I gave it a try I had never heard of this book and knew nothing about it I am sure glad I tried it, it was wonderful, as true stories usually are There is something very engaging about a story based on actual facts of someone s life, it smacks of realism than most fiction that is written Events are given [...]


    Set in the frigid Forty Mile country of Alaska, Tisha, the true story of Anne Hobbs, absolutely warms the heart The characters are wonderful heroes that make you cheer and villains that make you want to punch them in the face The plot rolls forward easily with exciting highs of romance and adventure The writing is descriptive, and, though a bit immature at times, it is immature in a way that is perfectly suited to the novel Indeed, all the makings of a good read are present but there is to Tish [...]


    Tisha is one of my all time favorite books My mother used to read this to me as a kid, and I found it hauntingly beautiful I was too young to catch the nuances of racism and desperation that were woven throughout, but that made it all the special when I read it myself as a teenager.Anne s spunk, resilience, and bravery have stuck with me through many reads In my mind, she is the epitome of what little girls should have as a role model ready to roll with the punches, ready to stand up for what s [...]

    Sherri Mcinnis

    First of all, this book was set in the cold and snowy Alaskan frontier my favorite sort of weather I loved the role of Tisha, a brave and independent young woman with an inner sense of right and wrong And I was really impressed with the way the writer handled the effects of trauma on children No sugar coating No pretending it didn t matter Beautiful writing, descriptions that are burned into my imagination, a story about the heartbreak of prejudice, and the battle of good and evil I m so glad I [...]

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    Tisha: The Wonderful True Love Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaskan Wilderness