May 11, 2021
Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead: Diaries and Letters, 1929-1932
Posted by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Part radiant, part somber, this second volume of Anne Lindbergh s Diaries and Letters covers the years of the Lindbergh marriage and includes events surrounding the kidnapping of their son The shy, sheltered, introspective girl is thrown into the world of action of her famous husband From the very first moment he makes her a partner in his activities He teaches her to fPart radiant, part somber, this second volume of Anne Lindbergh s Diaries and Letters covers the years of the Lindbergh marriage and includes events surrounding the kidnapping of their son The shy, sheltered, introspective girl is thrown into the world of action of her famous husband From the very first moment he makes her a partner in his activities He teaches her to fly she learns to navigate and operate radio and to take serial photographs on the survey flights they make together Their flying meant long hours in cramped quarters, often sitting on parachutes in open cockpits of single engine planes Fog and storm posed frequent threats unknown to modern highly instrumental aircraft Alertness is demanded, regardless of fatigue, and self control under the pressure of fear Most difficult of all, she has to live in the constant glare of publicity, tracked down by journalists, photographers, and a gaping public No longer can she speak her mind.Yet, there was a kind of bright golden bloom over everything The beauty of flying in the early days of aviation, with its closenss to nature and also to death never palled Then the first house was built, the first child was born.In a reversal of terrifying swiftness, the hour of gold turned into the hour of lead The tragedy of the kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh, Jr unfolds in an extraordinary series of letters only recently recovered, in which Anne Lindbergh keeps her

  • Title: Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead: Diaries and Letters, 1929-1932
  • Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  • ISBN: 9780156421836
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
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    Hour of Gold Hour of Lead Diaries and Letters Part radiant part somber this second volume of Anne Lindbergh s Diaries and Letters covers the years of the Lindbergh marriage and includes events surrounding the kidnapping of their son The shy sh


    I don t know why I was so jazzed to read this collection of diary entries and letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh during the early years of her marriage to Charles Lindbergh and the kidnapping and murder of their first child It was just as tragic as you d expect it to be, and there are a couple of letters in advance of the kidnapping that are eerily prophetic in one, the usually calm and collected Anne begs her mother in law to come and stay with the baby while she and Charles are out of town for a [...]


    Pre kidnap material I ended up liking The Lindberghs were in a position to do anything and go anywhere they chose, and reading about their lives as it happened is pretty neat The post kidnap writing was interesting too but left me flat Anne s early writing here sometimes strains to be poetic Charles I would say was actually the better writer and some of the letters could have been edited out as they are overly mundane I hope to get to the other volumes in time.


    Paged through this, even the parts about little Charlie s kidnapping and death The letters in the first half are breathless exclamations about her travels, family and events and the diary entries and letters in the second half are philosophical meanderings about the meaning of life and death Don t really understand why she was so highly regarded as a writer but maybe her letters and diaries don t pack the same punch as her other work.

    Margaret1358 Joyce

    The beauty of Anne Morrow Lindbergh s writing lies in its utter lucidity, its descriptive detail and its gentleness Diaries and Letters tells the story of Anne s marriage to Charles and the couple s enormously publicized, early flying adventures How, when and where the couple demonstrated each new advance being made in aviation,is acutely interesting He,the first to fly non stop over the Atlantic, and she, the introspective Smith College educated young bride, seem to have ignited the world s ima [...]

    Elaine Kasteler

    I read Anne Morrow Lindbergh s diaries sometime ago This woman was very futuristic in her thinking Definitely someone I would have like to have met and talk with The book is captivating about the joys in her life and also the pain with her sons kidnapping and death.Her writing skills are amazing Her life was painfully extraordinary.


    When I first read this book it was so long ago I had just moved away from home for the first time and was going to college and had little experience in the real world I would get lost in the story, the adventures of her flying and the horror of the kidnapping and murder of Anne and Charles s first son But I never saw it as than a historical record Several years later I read it again Years older having lived life, gone through tough and good times I saw these diaries and letters as something dif [...]


    I took this up after reading a book about the Lindbergh kidnapping Anne Lindbergh s writing is understated and lovely, introspective without being narcissistic Some of the places and experiences she writes about are familiar to me, but I found most moving her reflections and accounts of her feelings after the kidnapping and trial were resolved, as she prepared for the birth of her second child whilst trying to recover from the loss of her first This is a book I want to own, to return to parts of [...]


    I am so fascinated by Anne Marrow, I just could not wait to read her autobiography when I picked it up The beginning of the book is dry but the facts are important for they open a window in a very subtle way to the very private people we really never got to know For me, the journal remained very dry, hard to read BUT it has encouraged me to start keeping a journal for myself again.

    Patricia Middleton

    Reading this book was literally like reading the diaries of the mother of the famous Linbergh Baby, from the moment she fell in love with her husband Charles, to their worldwind marriage, to their firsborn son, to the kidnapping, ransome and gruesome discovery of that baby s body.


    One of the two for SeptemberThis was very fascinating, and lead to quite a spicy discussion Both this and War Within and Without make you want to research everything that s happening historically, which is interesting, but time consuming

    Lisa Michele

    Heartbreaking story of the kidnapping of her baby, but so wonderfully written that you cannot put it down.


    This book was enjoyable to read, like meeting a new friend, but it was painful also, because I knew how it ended while she did not.


    Ever since first reading Gift from the Sea I ve been a huge fan of Anne Morrow Lindbergh and so when I heard about The Aviator s Wife I immediately added it to my TBR list But it occurred to me that before reading a fictionalized account of her life it might be a good idea to go back and re read this collection of her own letters and diary entries from 1929 through 1932 which she herself compiled and published in 1973 a year before the death of her famous husband, She divided this book into two [...]

    Wayne Walker

    Anne Morrow Lindbergh was born Anne Spencer Morrow on June 22, 1906, at Englewood, NJ, the daughter of Dwight Whitney Morrow, a United States ambassador and Republican Senator from New Jersey, and his wife, Elizabeth Reeve Cutter Morrow, an author and teacher She married famed aviator Charles A Lindbergh in a private ceremony on May 27, 1929, at the home of her parents Their first child, Charles Jr, was born on Anne s 24th birthday, June 22, 1930 These things constituted her hour of gold However [...]

    Larry Steele

    You really get a sense of the fame and the trials of the Lindberghs in this, Anne Morrow Lindbergh s second volume of Diaries and Letters It begins upon one of the most famous marriages of the century, her marriage to the most famous man in the world, Charles Lindbergh Following this she learns to navigate and fly, becomes the first woman to be licensed as a glider pilot, has their first child, Charles Jr and flies with her husband on their trip through Canada, Alaska, Russia, Japan, and China w [...]


    Years ago, was it junior high I chose Charles Lindbergh as a historical figure to report on for an assignment I knew of his flying exploits and I want to say I had recently been to a museum exhibit that had some momentos of his career What I didn t know was that Lindbergh , in consequence of his fame, had suffered greatly I was captivated by the story of the abduction, murder, and investigation of his son s death These poignant letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh his wife deeply impacted me as they [...]


    Anne Morrow Lindbergh is my favorite author Her power of description, of bringing to the mind understanding through artful expression, is inspiring to me She makes me want to write Her life is fascinating, yes, but so are her thoughts and though not many of us can relate to her circumstances, somehow she transcends time and station to get to the heart of what it is to be a human being This book in particular filled me with such a juxtaposition of delight and dread, knowing that her baby Charles [...]

    Donna Michel-dow

    Diary of Anne s life before, during and after the much publicized kidnapping and murder of her first born son Grief can t be shared Everyone carries it alone His own burden in his own way I must write it all out, at any cost Writing is thinking It is than living, for it is being conscious of living I feel we are all islands in a common sea I do not believe that sheer suffering teaches If suffering alone taught, all the world would be wise, since everyone suffers To suffering must be added mourn [...]


    Much like the previous edition of memoirs but about marriage and motherhood Also, the shocking happenings around the kidnapping and killing of their first little boy in 32 are revealed Very sad situation Anne Lindbergh is someone who would be nice to have known personally, I think She is an excellent writer and poet.

    Kathy Linda

    AML is a beautiful writer HEr diaries are filled with interesting topics and she writes insightfully and knowledgebly about all kinds of topics She writes about the painful experience of her son s kidnapping and death, her relaionship with Charles Lindbergh, and all these with deep sensitivity without sappiness.


    AML is an honest, able writer who draws the reader into her life and emotions, particularly in this volume of her letters and journals when facing her hours of gold and hours of lead She comes across as a down to earth person who happened to come from a wealthy, literate family, to marry a world famous aviator and to be an aviation pioneer herself.


    The insights into the life of the Lindbergh s in their hour s of fame reveals how critical their contribution was to aviation, ultimately commercial airline work The agony of the kidnapping of their child, and the years of the effects of the aftermath, are unimaginable This is an important history that is probably fading from public view.


    I recommend this book for its insights on dealing with grief Imagine not only having your baby kidnapped and murdered but being part of a huge media circus along with it Anne Morrow Lindbergh s journal entries are heartrending I don t really care much about her famous husband, but I admire her Only rated 3 instead of 4 because the letters journal entry format is a bit hard to get into.


    Has been on my bedside table since beginning The Aviator s Wife However, I had to return the latter to the library when I was halfway through Now that I have the CD in my possession again, maybe I ll revisit Anne Morrow Lindbergh s diary


    I love Anne Morrow Lindbergh these diaries and letters deal with the best and worst times in her life engagement marriage and kidnapping murder of her son The juxtaposition makes this a powerful collection.


    It wasn t the context of her life that captivated my attention, but her way of inviting the reader into her world Lindbergh s thoughts that ebb onto the paper, flow from the subconscious meeting place of her heart and mind.


    As the mother of a new baby I couldn t bring myself to finish this book But what I did read was incredibly well written, poignant and made me very interested in the fascinating life lead by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

    June Geiger

    Journals aren t for everyone I happen to relish them Especially journals of beloved authors I cherish Anne s tragedies got me through a tragic year of my own No way to express how much I treasure this book.


    A glimpse into the private life of an incredible woman.


    If you can get through this without weeping, you have no heart.

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      103 Anne Morrow Lindbergh
    Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead: Diaries and Letters, 1929-1932