May 11, 2021
Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food
Posted by Eric Schlosser Charles Wilson

Bestselling author Eric Schlosser takes what he learnt and documented in his popular book, Fast Food Nation, and presents it to preteens and adolescents the fast food industry s biggest market.Kids love fast food And the fast food industry definitely loves kids It couldn t survive without them Did you know that the biggest toy company in the world is McDonald s It sBestselling author Eric Schlosser takes what he learnt and documented in his popular book, Fast Food Nation, and presents it to preteens and adolescents the fast food industry s biggest market.Kids love fast food And the fast food industry definitely loves kids It couldn t survive without them Did you know that the biggest toy company in the world is McDonald s It s true In fact, one out of every three toys given to a child in the United States each year is from a fast food restaurant Not only has fast food reached into the toy industry, it s moving into our schools One out of every five public schools in the United States now serves brand name fast food But do kids know what they re eating Where do fast food hamburgers come from And what makes those fries taste so good When Eric Schlosser s best selling book, Fast Food Nation, was published for adults in 2001, many called for his groundbreaking insight to be shared with young people Now Schlosser, along with co writer Charles Wilson, has investigated the subject further, uncovering new facts children need to know.In Chew On This, they share with kids the fascinating and sometimes frightening truth about what lurks between those sesame seed buns, what a chicken nugget really is, and how the fast food industry has been feeding off children for generations.

  • Title: Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food
  • Author: Eric Schlosser Charles Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780618710317
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Chew on This Everything You Don t Want to Know About Fast Food Bestselling author Eric Schlosser takes what he learnt and documented in his popular book Fast Food Nation and presents it to preteens and adolescents the fast food industry s biggest market Kids lo

    Saleh MoonWalker

    Onvan Chew on This Everything You Don t Want to Know About Fast Food Nevisande Eric Schlosser ISBN 618710310 ISBN13 9780618710317 Dar 259 Safhe Saal e Chap 2006


    so this book is turning out to be much like fast food nation but i thought i would post some facts about this book that really get the point across 4 meatpacking companies control 84% of the market tyson, swift and co excel, and national beef BUT ranchers only get 47 cents to the dollar spend on beef 1991 one billion fish killed in north carolina by disease linked to runoff form slaughter house 2004 a 4 million pound pile of cow poop burned uncontrollably for 4 months 4 chicken companies control [...]

    Ian Weitz

    I think that everyone should read this book It is not a book that you are supposed to like and enjoy to read It is meant to upset you to take action against the fast food nation This book describes how the major fast food companies got started, how they made there fortunes, and what processes they use to make their food When, you read it you will realize a lot about fast food than you thought anyone would even know about It will probably be a quick read, if the book doesn t disgust you enough t [...]


    This is interesting so far, because not only does it have the facts about food, but it also discusses it in a way that engages the reader and makes you actually want to Learn .


    DO YOU LIKE FAST FOOD DO YOU WELL THINK AGAIN BECAUSE IT S HORRIBLE FOR YOU AND IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD, ALL EXPLAINED IN CHEW ON THIS in this epic non fiction novel all true to life the author explains what fast food really is through photos, data and stories Chew on this is an informational book about what happens behind the fast food counter The author covers topics such as soda coloring, what makes fries taste so good, information about the invention of the hamburger, the life of a fast foo [...]

    Melanie Stanislav

    This book was brutally honest It s very informational and eye opening I feel like I learned a lot from reading it I don t really eat fast food just because I like grocery shopping and making my own food at home with my roommates Growing up, my mom never let my siblings and I eat fast food, so my first time at McDonald s was when I came to college at the age of 18 However, I still to this day have never eaten anything from McDonald s except for an Oreo McFlurry which isn t even that satisfying un [...]


    Chew on this is a strange case it s a nonfiction book explaining the horrors of the fast pod industry a whole 3 years after many Americans were already shocked at the horrors shown in 2004 s documentary Supersize Me but being from 2007 it obviously has a few updates from then The book follows an unnamed narrator most likely the author of the book Eric Schlosser taking us through the history of one of if not the most popular fast food restaurant chain Mcdonald s and the history of the hamburger i [...]


    This was full of interesting information and I learned a lot, both about the origins of modern fast food and how the industry has had such an influence on how modern food is mainly produced It was interesting, enlightening and at times, straight up disgusting The version of the book that I read was written for a middle grade, young adult audience That being said, my review is based with that audience in mind The writing for that level was pretty uneven Most of the book was written on a level app [...]

    Cassie Marshall

    So, I decided to read Chew on This because as I have said previously in different reviews that I have always struggled with my weight Luckily enough, I am not a huge fan of fast food because it makes me sick, although, I have always wondered why a salad from McDonalds costs 7.00 and a hamburger costs 1.00 That is the reason that America has one of the highest obesity rates in the world As I read this book, I found it very interesting to know that although fast food places claim to have all natur [...]

    Lainie Lawrence

    Chew on This is a nonfiction book that is a big eye opener to the fast food world The hamburger started at a county fair in Wisconsin A 15 year old named Charlie squished a meatball between 2 pieces of bread It got modified over the years, but that was a start to the revolutionary hamburger today Did you know that some fast food places were started by the weirdest people A soldier from World War II created Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts was founded by a high school dropout, and the founder of Domino s [...]

    Jessica M

    Name Jessica McClellandAPA citation Schlosser, E Wilson, C 2006 Chew on this Everything you don t want to know about fast food Houghton Mifflin Boston.Genre InformationalAward if applicable Format BookSelection process The book was favored in School Library Journal Burner, J 2006 Chew on this Everything you don t want to know about fast food School Library Journal, 52 5 , 155.Review The McDonald s arch is something most people can recognize instantly, but the history of how fast food restaurants [...]

    Katie Brown

    Chew on This is a history book about all of the restraints that we all love McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendys, Subway, you name it Chew on This has it The start of the book is talking about the history of the ham burger and the changes one little sandwich can make on the world When the first few restraints were made that s when America started getting bigger And no I don t men in population or in size, but the amount of people that have become very over weight McDonalds was the first big [...]

    Vinuoc C.

    I started reading this book at the end of September 2014 when I found it while browsing through my large bookshelf at home After reading the first few chapters, the book proved to be interesting and showed even than what I had heard about large chain restaurants.One thing that impressed me in the book was how the author was able to so vividly describe the disgusting jungles of factories pg.82 where the meat inside of fast food comes from He described how the meat was sliced from the animals, ho [...]


    I read Fast Food Nation a few years ago and was shocked by what I read This book is a condensed version of the former, written especially for the student population, as it focuses on the way the fast food industry has changed American society, and in many ways, puts children at risk Schlosser gives kids a look at how soda companies and fast food businesses hook children from an early age, and the impact it can have on individual health He also presents the history of the fast food business, whi [...]

    Seyoon choi

    I never knew that people started a mini war because of hamburgers Were hamburgers that unhealthy unhealthy enough to urge people to blow up fast food places By reading this book, I now know how toxic a hamburger is, thanks to this wonderful book about radioactive fast food.I thought Mcdonalds were a clean place innocently serving hamburgers to hungry civilians when I was something like 8 years old NOT I am now absolutely disappointed about fast food places, because people triggered war with hamb [...]


    The book starts talking about how McDonald s got started by Ray Kroc Eventually, advertisers marketed to kids and then the toys came out so that it would entice the kids to buying food in order to get the toy It s the branding of children, which almost seems like brainwashing, into mini consumers.Along the way, however, the jobs at fast food places aren t that great One particular chapter I ll go into detail about how they treat their workers.These little towns thrived on their own But through [...]


    My fascination with Chew On This was sparked by reading The Omnivore s Dilemma for a school assignment Similar to Michael Pollan s The Omnivore s Dilemma, this book depicts the secrets of multi million companies like McDonald s and Coca Cola This novel struck me because I ve never thought of what went into my burger or vegetarian side of fries.Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson will take you on a rather disturbing adventure of the production of meat and give awareness of the evolution of the fast [...]


    Chew On This by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson is a very detailed and intriguing non fiction book In this book you learn about the ingredients that may be hidden in your food, what really makes fast food so bad, and how the animals are mistreated to make the food Many people are eating food that is damaging to your body because it is not really what you think it is As an example, Ocean Spray grapefruit juice is colored from dactylopius coccus costa bugs being crushed up It is considered a nat [...]


    My reviews are intended for my own info as a language arts teacher they serve as notes and reflections for teaching and recommending to students Therefore, spoilers may be present but will be hidden SUMMARY I was surprised at what a quick read Chew On This ended up being for a nonfiction text aimed at young adult readers Jam packed full of interesting facts about fast food, authors Schlosser and Wilson have put together a book that is both appalling and eye opening either way, there s no denying [...]

    Brandy Simmons

    Chew on This by Eric Schlosser is a nonfiction YA novel about the history of fast food and the long lasting effects it has had on our culture Schlosser effectively combines human interest stories with facts about the industry Schlosser gives us the stories of the men who founded the fast food restaurants we have all come to know Most of the novel focuses on McDonald s, which was the pioneer of the fast food kitchen and franchise This novel covers a wide area of topics, from the fast food workfor [...]

    Ricardo Alvarez

    I give this book 2 stars because it is getting me mad on what have i ate and now i know what did i eat.If i was a person who has gotten sick by the food of mcdonalds i would have sewed mcdonalds.Also in between some chapters they have some stories about other companies and i don t like that.I don t like that because if this book is supposed be talking about things i don t want to know about fast food but then they put other stories I don t think this makes sence to me.It was talking of how Disne [...]

    Lauren Bennett

    In the novel Chew On This Everything You Don t Want to Know About Fast Food, by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson, you read about the history of fast food, how it started, how the industry has changed over time, where the food comes from, and how the food is processed This book is pretty insightful to see how fast food is so addicting and where the fast food food really comes from This book tells you all the crazy facts about fast food and its effects on people and the business up to today There [...]


    Chew on This was a great book I liked Chew on This for a couple of reasons It has information that you would probably not know about unless you read the book It had very long chapters but those chapters were split into mini chapters The mini chapters kind of made the chapters like sections or topics Each chapter has one main focus and than has different stories about it The chapters were about things such as where the meat comes from in your fast food and how the fast food industry is using chi [...]


    In the informational non fiction Chew on This, Eric Scholosser and Charles Wilson inform the reader about the disturbing secrets and poor heath conditions caused by fast food This informational non fiction book details information on how the food at fast food restaurants ,such as McDonald s, is raised, slaughtered, and prepared also, it has real scenarios of people that work or eat there regularly at fast food restaurants, and how their experiences effected them Chew on This contains eye opening [...]


    Chew on This is written by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson with a first copy right date in 2006 The book is non fiction Chew on This is about fast food and the affects it has on your body In Chew on This, the plot revolves around Ronald McDonald and Ray Croc who started the fast food chain Charlie Nagreen first invented the hamburger at the Outagamie yearly carnival He used to sell meat balls but people wanted to walk and eat so he combined meat balls into a patty Chew on This is told in the t [...]


    This is a great book and although it s a kids non fiction title it was dense enough for an adult to get something out of reading it At 260 odd pages it s not slight by any means, and does pack a punch in terms of research The star off is for grammatical problems, i.e using insure for ensure enough times for me to notice it.I have always had a fuzzy headed notion that the famous fast food places started out as innocent mom n pop restaurants that were changed by money men over time into the soul s [...]

    Kianna Williams

    I do not usually enjoy reading informational health and wellness books because I generalized that they would be boring, but after reading CHEW ON THIS, I realized how much I can like these types of books I liked CHEW ON THIS because it was easy to engage with the style it is written in is able to be read gracefully for young people to understand and apply CHEW ON THIS is great because Schlosser exposes fast food chains for what they really are He explains that they make claims of having fresh fo [...]


    Chew On This Everything You Don t Want to Know About Fast Food s cover and title The topic seem interesting because I know that fast food isn t healthy but I wanted to learn about how it s made and the history.In this book, I learn the downfalls of fast food and how they are made I learned that fast food have bad effects The text reads, As a result, much of the work in cattle slaughterhouse must be done by hand Human error can cause unnecessary pain for the animals, injure workers, and contamin [...]


    In the book Chew on This by Eric Scholosser, reads get to experienced the hidden disgusting truths about fast food restaurants Although the book was suppose to focus on different fast food restaurants, but this book mainly focuses on McDonald s Personally, I think it s pretty biased towards McDonald s However, despite the high percentage of people in America being overweight, reading this book will alarm fast food eaters of what they re eating and how unhealthy the food is The book starts with a [...]

    Seth Lebron

    I think that chew on this was the best book that I have ever read because I ve already seen a video about it and ever since that video I haven t been eating a a lot So I think that I would recommend this to other people because I like this book because the facts in the book are just cool They put fast food restaurants inside the schools so people buy of there food and because of that people are becoming over weight I think the restaurants do that because they are very popular and they want to [...]

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    Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food