Apr 15, 2021
Nyn Llyvary: book 1
Posted by C.A. Oliver

For centuries, the sailors of the clan Filweni have sought to cross the Austral Ocean in search of the Llewenti Islands, a lost archipelago beyond the antipodes, the legendary ultimate refuge of the elves.No ship from the Elvin kingdom of Essawylor has ever returned.Until, Fe wal dyn and his Irawenti crew set sails onboard the Alw ryan, towards the infinite South Get A Copy Kindle Store StoresAudibleBarnes NobleWalmart eBooksApple BooksGoogle PlayAbebooksBook DepositoryIndigoAlibrisBetter World BooksIndieBoundLibraries Or buy for Paperback, 344 pages Published August 17th 2016 by Books on Demand More Details ISBN 2322112186 ISBN13 9782322112180 Edition Language English Other Editions 2 All Editions Add a New Edition Combine Less Detail edit details Win a Copy of This Book Nyn Llyvary by C.A Oliver Author Release date Aug 17, 2016 Enter for a chance to win one of the 10 signed copies of NYN LLYVARY by C.A OLIVER.Join the Elf Fe wal dyn The quest for the Llewenti Islands is a jo Enter for a chance to win one of the 10 signed copies of NYN LLYVARY by C.A OLIVER.Join the Elf Fe wal dyn The quest for the Llewenti Islands is a journey that cannot offer any hope of return It is a leap into the unknown it is an act of faith Enter Giveaway Format Print book

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  • Title: Nyn Llyvary: book 1
  • Author: C.A. Oliver
  • ISBN: 2322112186
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nyn Llyvary book For centuries the sailors of the clan Filweni have sought to cross the Austral Ocean in search of the Llewenti Islands a lost archipelago beyond the antipodes the legendary ultimate refuge of the e


    If you like Polynesian, European, or ancient mythology playing Dungeons Dragons or fantasy you will love this book The narrative carries a lot of significance, which is a nice break from dialogue driven books that readers can speed thru too quickly It will take you than 1 night to finish Read every part of the narrative, even if it seems prolonged everything culminates in such a fascinating way The lineage is rich, and the characters are deep and unique My favorite find this y If you like Polyne [...]

    Quentin M

    At first, you could be taken aback by the lengths the author went to create a brand new world with a rich history and its own languages and names.The numerous maps and footnotes, as well as the annexes allow for a deep dive into the Islands.The structure makes it really appreciable to follow the changes in narrator and environments They fit the flow of the story.Some arcs are very pleasing to follow Curubor, Mynar Dyl, the Bard, the whole Matriarchs concept, the Council of the Forest.There At fi [...]

    Ambar K

    Nyn Llyvary is the first book of the Tales of the Llewenti Island s series which bring readers to the fantasy world of elves, legend and magical power.The book dedicated to a diversity of theme including dynastic conflict among clans, tension between elves and human, old culture traditional value political intrigue and war, beauty of nature.The story line is masterfully plotted with complex characters and several plot lines and will have you on the edge of your seat until the very last sce Nyn L [...]

    Sylvain Sauvage

    Nyn Llyvary is not only an outstanding book, it s the first chapter of a promising saga which story will leave you breathless, eager to learn about these fascinating elf communities who master magic, politics, and combat to recover the wealth and supremacy in an Archipelago threaten by barbarian attacks Nyn Llyvary is an epic tale with beautiful scenery and fight descriptions, character dialogues and captivating story line in a format, 400 pages, that I found particularly enjoyable Also, Nyn Lly [...]

    Agatha Ferreira

    Excellent book with incredible artistic annexes i loved the main characters illustrations which are so vivid I am definately a fan of the Irawenti elves progressists, humanists and braves The gods save Arwela


    I love Camatael for his vision and masterful mind The book s portraits and maps are outstanding which is very helpful to penetrate CA Oliver s Llewenti islands world.


    Great start for this fantasy saga The atmosphere is that of Tolkien second age with Martins plots.

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    Nyn Llyvary: book 1