Jan 16, 2021
Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids
Posted by Kenzaburō Ōe Paul StJohn Mackintosh Maki Sugiyama

Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids recounts the exploits of 15 teenage reformatory boys evacuated in wartime to a remote mountain village where they are feared and detested by the local peasants When plague breaks out, the villagers flee, blocking the boys inside the deserted town Their brief attempt to build autonomous lives of self respect, love, and tribal valor is doomed iNip the Buds, Shoot the Kids recounts the exploits of 15 teenage reformatory boys evacuated in wartime to a remote mountain village where they are feared and detested by the local peasants When plague breaks out, the villagers flee, blocking the boys inside the deserted town Their brief attempt to build autonomous lives of self respect, love, and tribal valor is doomed in the face of death and the adult nightmare of war.

  • Title: Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids
  • Author: Kenzaburō Ōe Paul StJohn Mackintosh Maki Sugiyama
  • ISBN: 9780802134639
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nip the Buds Shoot the Kids Nip the Buds Shoot the Kids recounts the exploits of teenage reformatory boys evacuated in wartime to a remote mountain village where they are feared and detested by the local peasants When plague

    K.D. Absolutely

    Lord of the Flies by William Golding came out in 1954 It was his first novel and he was 43 when it was first published Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids by Kenzaburo Oe first came out in 1958 It was also his first novel and it came out when he was only 23 years old Oe says that his major influences were Mark Twain, Selma Lagerlof and the French writer, Francois Rabelais He did not mention that he had read and was inspired by Golding s work.Both of these gentlemen were Nobel Prize for Literature winne [...]

    Paquita Maria Sanchez

    You know how there are food deserts Well, there are literary deserts, too, and Oklahoma has always seemed to wear the title like a badge of honor It has been bad for as long as I can remember, but between and e books wreaking havoc in my absence, I returned home to Planet of the Apes, wherein the apes are James Patterson novels and I m the guy on the ground screaming about bastards On Thursday, I attempted to find a book Just one Something, anything I had the slightest bit of interest in readin [...]


    The lost boys disease Rabbits caught in the headlights and there will be no tricks disease Dogs humping legs fall right off disease Roaches who might be indestructible for better or for worse disease But who are the roaches for better, or for worse The Japanese reform school boys or the contributing to my already bad image of hateful villagers types Indestructible, anyway We could see who scurried away when the lights come back on The book blurb lies The boys don t try to build lives while they [...]


    I m giving 5 stars to the novel that I think this is I ve never read that novel What I have read is the most bungled pile of cockney jabberwocky ever suffered to print probably the single worst translation, of anything, that I have read, ever It is so unbelievably bad It reads like they crankshafted the Japanese through Google translator and shoveled the gibberish onto an ESL intern for remedial tidying It is a complete embarrassment and Grove should be ashamed.I used to think that it was French [...]


    It s a little crazy the title of this book, don t you think A little nuts Asking me to shoot the kids The kids You run around with an axe, bury it left and right in brain matter, why don t you And while you re at it, ruin my flowers Nutz Say, what The kids are like the buds It s wrong Nonsense You re overusing that pretty head of yours Remember Golding The guy had a point Nothing like the buds Shoot them Shoot them all OK Time out Lets put the juvenile and the split personality to rest, you prob [...]


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    Nu m voi hazarda s mi fac, deocamdat , o p rere despre Kenzabur e Acesta este primul roman al scriitorului ap rut n 1958, c nd el avea numai dou zeci i trei de ani i, din c te am n eles, stilul s u se schimb foarte mult n c r ile publicate ulterior Pentru un roman de debut, St rpi i r ul de la r d cin , mpu ca i copiii mi s a p rut foarte bine scris, poate un pic prea lucrat n ceea ce prive te compara iile i metaforele, care abund la orice cotitur a textului, i prea centrat pe o mp r ire clar a [...]


    Oe wrote Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids when he was only 23, and, while that is impressive on its own, the book s amateur nature unfortunately shows The basic story is that, concurrent with World War II, a group of what are essentially Japanese juvenile delinquents is evacuated to a rural village, and the villagers are none too pleased to have them The comparison that I have seen most frequently made is to Lord of the Flies, but I think the similarities are largely only surface level, stemming fro [...]


    Kenzaburo Oe won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1994 This is his first novel, published when he was 23 It is based on his experiences as a child growing up on a remote Japanese island during World War II When I read the book last November, I was going through a period of reading about WWII from the Japanese point of view, for which I was glad It opened my eyes and mind, helping me to shake off some of my high school history teachings.The kids in this story are from a reform school and have be [...]

    Michael Bohli

    Widrige Umst nde in der Geschichte und der Lekt re Reisst die Knospen ab von Kenzabur e ist ein Roman, der den Leser zuerst auffordert, sich mit der Prosa des Autors anzufreunden In einer Sprache voller wunderbarer Bilder, Beschreibungen der Natur und Umwege bringt uns der Japaner die Geschichte von verstossenen Jungs n her, die in den Wirrungen des zweiten Weltkrieges in einem abgelegenen Dorf berleben m ssen Mit fortschreitenden Kapiteln dringt man nicht nur in die Geheimnisse der Erz hlung ti [...]


    Kenzaburo Oe is a writer who always leads me to cinematic analogies David Lynch and Takashi Miike, primarily so I m gonna make another.What if you took the ragtag boys of The 400 Blows, and transferred them to the ruins of 1940s Japan What if you added enough desperate gay sex in hovels to make Jean Genet blush, occupying soldiers, prison slave labor, fascist remnants, girls with their mothers corpses, down and out Koreans trapped in Japan, and descriptions of flaccid penises You d have Nip the [...]


    Esta novela es comparada con el se or de las moscas de Golding, la cual no termin porque me aburri infinitamente No puedo decir si es mejor o peor que esta ltima, pero a m me pareci excelente.


    Mi rese a en un solo gif.


    3,5 Sterne Japan, Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges Eine Gruppe von Kindern und Jugendlichen wird wegen der Fliegerangriffe aus einer st dtischen Besserungsanstalt in die Berge evakuiert Ein Akt der F rsorge k nnte man meinen Doch schon auf dem Fu marsch zum abgelegenen Zielort werden die Jungens von ihrem Erzieher regelm ig gedem tigt, manche sogar schwer misshandelt Bauern drohen den fremden Kindern unverhohlen mit Schl gen, Ausrei ern und Dieben mit dem Tod Der Einstiegt ist abrupt und erzeugt ein [...]

    Octavio Villalpando

    Cuando uno lee la sinopsis de Arrancad las semillas, fusilad a los ni os uno puede pensar que es una historia del mismo tono de El Se or de las Moscas , editada solo un poco antes y que ha logrado trascender firmemente en el imaginario colectivo Sin embargo, nada m s empezar la lectura y uno es de inmediato bombardeado por una desolaci n total vertida en letras y un aire de premonici n que no augura nada bueno Y si, conforme va pasando p gina tras p gina, esto se confirma No es para nada una lec [...]

    Ale Vergara

    Cuando empec a leer este libro no sab a que fue lo primero que public Kenzaburo a los 23 a os Tal vez, con eso en mente, me habr a sorprendido m s o habr a juzgado con otros par metros la lectura Sin embargo, creo, as es como se debe de leer casi siempre hay que juzgar la obra por s misma, por el sistema cerrado que es y no por la edad o la circunstancia en la que fue escrita Bueno Una vez aclarado esto, voy meh En general, me pareci una novela muy mediana si bien los hechos que narra pueden res [...]

    Matt Herman

    A book that truly shows that whole is worth than the sum of its parts Until the ending really wraps the story together, this story just didn t have the draw to it that I expected something with so much critical renown to carry However, at the conclusion of the last couple of pages, I think that the virtues of this story showed through a lot clearly Overall, this story was quite good but just not quite my cup of tea It really does feel like a well written book buuuutThe translation of this vers [...]


    Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids was Kenzaburo Oe s debut novel First published when he was only 23, it draws on his experiences as a child during World War II Some aspects of the plot a group of boys abandoned during a war left to look after themselves invite comparisons to Lord of the Flies, but the similarities are merely superficial I found Buds to be far complex, nuanced and adult an interesting, compelling, and sometimes difficult read I read the English translation, which is apparently not g [...]

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    Review classiclit.about od japane

    Paul Fulcher

    That Man should Labour sorrow, learn forget, returnTo the dark valley whence he came, to begin his labour anew William Blake, Vala, or the Four Zoas, Night the Eighth quoted in the translators introduction Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids was Kenzaburo Oe s debut novel in 1958 It differs significantly from his later, complex and self referential work, but is a striking story in it s own right.The novel has an allegorical feel, with no specifics of time or place, even lacking proper names for the ch [...]

    Adonay Rivas

    Creo que el enfoque de este libro es inocente y desgarrador Uno no coexiste sin el otro Juega con la percepci n de la ni ez del lector y deja a su imaginaci n todo, a excepci n de cuando el alcalde menciona la edad de nuestro h roe, que bien podr a ser otra teniendo en cuenta que eran j venes desnutridos.Los ni os son crueles Act an por instinto sin saber bien qu hacer Son tribales y m s a n viniendo de un contexto criminal No nos dicen por cu ntos pueblos han pasado, pero si llegan hasta el pun [...]


    I enjoyed this book The storyline and concept was very chaotic, and the author purposely underdeveloped many of the characters to contrast them with the complex main characters This novel was a little too graphic for me, although I suppose that was realistic

    Jaclyn Michelle

    wineandabook 2012 07 18 re Nonetheless, for aliens like captured wild beasts to be safe before others watching them, it is best to lead the will less, eyeless existence of a stone, flower or tree a purely observed existence My brother, since, he persisted in being the eye that watched the villagers, was struck on his cheeks by thick yellowish gobs of spittle rolled on women s tongues, and stones thrown by the children But, smiling, he would wipe his cheeks with his large bird embroidered pocket [...]


    Personal response This book is nothing compared to what it s like now than it was back then I would give this book personally a three because of how it starts The main kid out of the 15 is the best because of his intelligence and skills to build and problem solve.Plot Summary This book Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids starts out with one boy who is seeing harm in his village Such as how the village is going down in animal population because they have been overtaken by soldiers The boy gets moved to [...]

    Michael Mahin

    Long before winning the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1994, Oe was studying French Literature at Tokyo University, where he did his graduate thesis on Jean Paul Sartre It s no surprise then that many of Oe s works deal with various forms of existential crisis Nip the Buds, which is an exploration of innocence confronting the tragic realities of experience, fits this profile Nip the Buds if often described as a Japanese Lord of the Flies In it, 15 unloved and unwanted reformatory boys are quaranti [...]

    Stephen Durrant

    Oe s first novel 1958 , written when he was only twenty three, is sometimes compared to Golding s Lord of the Flies The resemblance is that both books deal with boys who are isolated and forced upon their own resources Here the resemblance ends The boys in Nip the Buds are delinquents who constitute a sort of roving work force in the Japanese countryside during an unnamed war They wake up one morning to find that the inhabitants of the village in which they are lodged have left in fear of the pl [...]


    Me gustar a darle cinco estrellas a esta novela, pero debo decir que el ni o narrador no me convenci En un principio, esto me result bastante molesto un ni o de edad indefinida 13 a os, nos enteramos m s adelante es la voz narrativa de esta aventura , de este abandono Y es precisamente eso lo molesto, un ni o que se identifica por su lenguaje como un adulto, el cual cae junto con un grupo de ni itos del reformatorio en el abandono Y no, no pude sentir un abandono real por este personaje Si tan s [...]


    Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids is the first novel written by Kenzaburo Oe at the young age of 23 but then again you probably already knew this.The novel is a harsh insight into the world of World War 2 Japan, and provides a deeply introspective satire and criticism of this Japan.The stories protagonist an unnamed early adolescent boy is the engine of the story, propelling it forward through beautiful descriptions and anecdotes on japan at the time A reformatory boy, being evacuated to the mountain [...]

    ♞ Pat Gent

    This book received the Nobel Literature Prize in 1994, but I don t understand that at all Content wise, it was very similar to Lord of the Rings, but it wasn t quite as well written There were too many repetitive word phrases and ideas, and the story never seemed to actually advance, but rolled back over itself in a very lazy spiral of progression There were frequent sexual content references, most of which I thought was unnecessary for story advancement and seemed put in for shock content tha [...]

    Anca Spatariu

    Wow, after I read the reviews I couldn t be happier that I haven t read this in English Apparently, the translation is really bad The book caught my attention after just a few pages and I really enjoyed it until the end.I haven t read Lord of the Flies yet, but for sure I ve seen something similar in literature, a long long time ago I couldn t help noticing that the characters depicted have a disease, other than the one that strikes the village The Lost Boys disease The novel is tough and diffic [...]

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