Sep 25, 2020
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William Peter Blatty has thrilled generations of readers with his iconic mega bestseller The Exorcist Now Blatty gives us Dimiter, a riveting story of murder, revenge, and suspense Laced with themes of faith and love, sin and forgiveness, vengeance and compassion, it is a novel in the grand tradition of Morris West s The Devil s Advocate and the Catholic novels of GrahamWilliam Peter Blatty has thrilled generations of readers with his iconic mega bestseller The Exorcist Now Blatty gives us Dimiter, a riveting story of murder, revenge, and suspense Laced with themes of faith and love, sin and forgiveness, vengeance and compassion, it is a novel in the grand tradition of Morris West s The Devil s Advocate and the Catholic novels of Graham Greene.Dimiter opens in the world s most oppressive and isolated totalitarian state Albania in the 1970s A prisoner suspected of being an enemy agent is held by state security An unsettling presence, though subjected to unimaginable torture he maintains an eerie silence He escapes and on the way to freedom, completes a mysterious mission The prisoner is Dimiter, the American agent from Hell The scene shifts to Jerusalem, focusing on Hadassah Hospital and a cast of engaging, colorful characters the brooding Christian Arab police detective, Peter Meral Dr Moses Mayo, a troubled but humorous neurologist Samia, an attractive, sharp tongued nurse and assorted American and Israeli functionaries and hospital staff All become enmeshed in a series of baffling, inexplicable deaths, until events explode in a surprising climax.Told with unrelenting pace, Dimiter s compelling, page turning narrative is haunted by the search for faith and the truths of the human condition Dimiter is William Peter Blatty s first full novel since the 1983 publication of

  • Title: Dimiter
  • Author: William Peter Blatty
  • ISBN: 9780765325129
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dimiter William Peter Blatty has thrilled generations of readers with his iconic mega bestseller The Exorcist Now Blatty gives us Dimiter a riveting story of murder revenge and suspense Laced with themes o


    Perhaps you should never dare write the definitive blockbuster novel W P Blatty is a prime example of this With The Exorcist he s cemented his bold name IN BLOOD, landing firmly in both cinematic literary worlds For all his novels, even Dimiter pale in comparison to the demonic possession that has gripped the psyche of the modern western world, taking it hostage for the following four decades and counting So what was the world like before The Exorcist After the greatest horror show on earth, wha [...]


    I really wanted to love this book It wrestles with themes and questions of faith, evil, redemption, etc Blatty, the author of The Exorcist, calls this his most personally important book of his career The book drew me in and held my interest, but the prose was stilted at times and often turgid Take this line A waiting silence almost deeper than God s was broken only by the quiet cooing of a dove in one of the apertures just about the level of the streets outside that were aglow with promises of l [...]


    I became interested in reading this book due to the ridiculous range of reviews on along with the impassioned to the point of insulting conversations supporting them I haven t read The Exorcist, believe it or not, but I have seen the movie, which Blatty penned Blatty calls this book the most important work of his career and says in interviews that he will never be able to top it That s a shame Self deprecating doubt can be a good thing for a writer You end the first draft thinking the thing is a [...]


    Despite being written by the author of The Exorcist, Dimiter is not really a horror story Nor is it a supernatural religious thriller It s of a mystery suspense tale, with a policeman in 1970s Jerusalem investigating a series of related crimes Before the main plot kicks in there s a really interesting section set in Albania in 1973 concerning the interrogation of a nameless prisoner Eventually it ties into the policeman s story, but I thought those opening chapters were interesting than where [...]

    Nick Cato

    Blatty s mind twirling mystery revolves around the elusive title character, a dead body found at the site of Christ s tomb, and an Arab Christian detective named Meral who attempts to piece these and several other occurences together in the wake of his recently deceased wife and daughter.After a violent yet wonderfully written opening scene in 1973 Albania, the story shifts a year ahead to Jerusalem, where we re introduced to Dr Moses Mayo and a couple of other offbeat characters including Meral [...]


    Not my review or read, but fascinating article in London book site about purchase of DIMITER with a new title for the British reading public THE REDEMPTION I think DIMITER S much better Little, Brown imprint Piatkus has bought a new book by the author of cult novel turned film The Exorcist, his first full length work for than 25 years Commissioning editor Donna Condon described the novel, set in 1970s Albania and Jerusalem, as unusual , and compared the suspense element to the film The Usual Su [...]


    I m glad I never wrote a book like The Exorcist, because if I had, everything I did afterwards would be judged against it and found wanting Blatty has written a page turning thriller that s also an incisive character study that s also, most of all, an exploration of duty, loneliness, spiritual emptiness and redemption all of this depicted in prose that s sharply detailed, poetically rendered albeit sometimes to excess and often acerbically funny However, if you re looking for supernatural horror [...]

    Петър Стойков

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    Intriguing religious thriller is that even a genre that somehow left me a bit unsatisfied Though there s a steady supply of mysterious happenings and provocative developments, it never seems to add up to much momentum It doesn t help that most of the pivotal moments of action happen off page and are related after the fact in interviews or dialogue exchanges As a result, there s rarely a sense of imminent danger nothing like the page by page unfolding of the climactic struggle in the Exorcist her [...]


    The author whose most famous work dealt with the devil and possession flips to the other side, and pens a novel about the search for Christ, forgiveness, and redemption Heady stuff, a big task, and a disappointing result.The early 1970 s story begins in a prison in Albania, a country then officially recognized as atheist A nameless Prisoner has been seized because there is something about him that makes the military uncomfortable he seems to be a sort of shape shifter, each person who encounters [...]


    During 1973, a mysterious figure is taken captive in the totalitarian state of Albania and interrogated by authorities using extreme methods of torture Impervious to pain and unwilling to speak about his true identity, the prisoner confounds his captors until his remarkable escape One year later, a series of strange occurrences that include the unexplainable healing of a boy with an incurable condition and the discovery of a body in Christ s tomb have gained the attention of local authorities an [...]


    A book that must be read twice.Two lengthy, unrelated chapters open this tale of torture and faith The rest of the story accelerates mercilessly through short bursts of dialogue, interviews, epistolary snippets and sudden jolts of vivid action.The tale comes together in the book s last third, as revelations hit with physical force and the deep, sad mysteries are revealed.A compelling late career effort from Blatty.

    David S.

    I couldn t listen to this any longer If I had actually read this I don t think I would have gotten past page 50 But, listening to this in the car on my daily commute I had to force myself to go to the next CD I m sure that Blatty in his latter years is trying to show some new insights into religion and suspense, but, holy crap it is boring Couldn t make it past the 4th CD Sorry Peter.Recommended Hell no Go read the Exorcist or even Legion 1 2 star

    Linda Robinson

    The most personally important book of my career, writes Blatty in his acknowledgments Appreciate the chaos the book is a gyre of mistaken identity, pursuit of phantoms and dreams, lost love, and spiritual awakening I felt the elation of coming close to discovery, and the emptiness of loss The writing soars The mystery is a character as real as Meral and Moses and Samia an allegory for life and meaning I m glad I was surprised.


    About 1 4 of the way through the book It s an ugly tale graphic torture beautifully told Mystical charismatic main character who may be too beautiful and good to be around or may be a master killer or both.

    Julie Davis

    41.Review copy for SFFaudio Read by William Blatty himself Blatty is an excellent narrator, which is not always the case for authors.I thoroughly enjoyed this book well, except for the torture scenes in the beginning My review will go up at SFFaudio and I will link to it then.


    A great thriller by a master.


    Fun page turner by author of Exorcist but this is uplifting Set in Holy Land, evocative.


    Great story There is some serious craziness in the mind of William Peter Blatty This tale is much faith promoting than his previous works

    Michael Bussa

    The key to reading this story is not to go into it expecting something like The Exorcist I am quite good at doing just that so I truly submerged myself in the dialogue, scenes, and created moods as Blatty likely hoped his readers would While Dimiter is not really a supernatural story, there are elements of the story that will leave you uncertain Blatty weaves a tale that does have some parallels to The Exorcist, such as the questions of faith, however, that is where the similarities end Dimiter [...]


    I feel a bit ambivalent about this book I both liked it and disliked it It has a very powerful story that is weighted by an over complicated and terribly convoluted narrative Although it drew me along it was, at times, utterly exhausting The characters, though compelling and even likable, are all too similar, with the guilt and loss all having a sameness that weakens the empathy one could have for them The viewpoints are legion to the point where note taking is a good idea I enjoyed the last thi [...]

    Ralph Martins

    A story that comes within a hair s breadth of taking off, but never does.


    Hello, Fellow Book Worms This my second book read from William Peter Blatty Entitled Dimiter, the novel plays upon much of Blatty s strengths when delivering this twisting detective tale There are many religious elements in this book, however the soul of this book lies within the mystery genre In 1970s Albania an attempted assassination of a local politician sparks a manhunt that leads to a mysterious stranger in a cabin in the woods belonging to an old blind man Many believe the stranger to be [...]

    Seth Holler

    After reading three of Blatty s novels in quick succession, my affection for this author has grown into something substantial It pains me to say that I didn t really enjoy most of this novel It s broken into too many pieces there are at least half a dozen 2 page chapters , there s so much back and forth page turning required Who said X What was Y, again , and importantly, there s too much striving after the pointed, spiritual quip Witness Is there going to be a burial service for him I d like t [...]

    Matthew Holman

    I don t know what to make of this book It s written by Blatty who wrote The Exorcist and Legion but this book is NOT a horror novel it s in a completely different vein I actually wouldn t know what genre to place this one in.The book starts off with the American agent from Hell getting tortured by Albanian officials, very graphically too Albania in the 1970s was an atheist totalitarian country then More historical backstory would have helped Then the story COMPLETELY shifts location and tone to [...]

    Raymond Walker

    A wonderful novel in its own unusual way This novel jumps through hoops to be what I assumed the author wished it to be The initial story seems like something from a James bond movie The ultimate assassin captured, imprisoned and tortured giving away nothing then killing all of his captors At this point throw your rule book away as Mr Blatty drags you back into his normal world of religion, hope and faith.The story is told in fragments but he gives clues and when it is dragged back together in a [...]

    Kaine Andrews

    Blatty has enthralled us before with tales of spooks, demons and religion gone awry He filled The Exorcist and Legion with all manner of phantasms, inspiring fear of the unseen and unknown that might lurk just beyond our line of sight or comprehension.Unfortunate that he didn t manage that feat this time Dimiter suffers from entirely too much ephemera, casting great clouds of smoke up for us to discover there s barely a campfire behind it.The book just felt like kind of a mess There were interes [...]


    This was my first William Blatty novel and will likely be my last If someone else had written it, I might have given it three stars But Blatty is already famous for having written The Exorcist, so I guess I expected And don t get me wrong I was all set to love this book Interesting locations, the promise of supernatural mystery with attention paid to spiritual satisfaction, intrigue, redemption it could have been a knock out Instead, it was dull, confusing, disjointed, and difficult to pay atte [...]


    I picked this up in a remainder pile, wondering what Blatty had written in recent decades A lot of readers, to judge from reviews, didn t like this because it was no Exorcist Well, DUH This was a full 4 decades after Exorcist I certainly HOPED the author had moved on Blatty is not a one genre author, and any one expecting another possessed by the devil book would be quite disappointed if they expected this to go there I will give those who complained many who revealed in their comments that they [...]


    e most personally important novel of my career This is how William Peter Blatty feels about his newest novel Dimiter If you don t recognize his name let me just remind you that he is the author of The Exorcist I had to check ratings on to get a feel for how others liked this book and the ratings are all over the place, from 5 star to 1 star As you see I am one of the 1 star people It was sad to me to read how important the author felt this book was and to know that I felt it was a total waste o [...]

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