Sep 25, 2020
The Funny Thing Is...
Posted by Ellen DeGeneres

An indispensable reference for anyone who knows how to read or wants to fool people into thinking they do The Funny Thing Is is sure to make you laugh.Ellen DeGeneres published her first book of comic essays, the 1 bestselling My PointAnd I Do Have One, way back in 1996 Not one to rest on her laurels, the witty star of stage and screen has since dedicated her lifeAn indispensable reference for anyone who knows how to read or wants to fool people into thinking they do The Funny Thing Is is sure to make you laugh.Ellen DeGeneres published her first book of comic essays, the 1 bestselling My PointAnd I Do Have One, way back in 1996 Not one to rest on her laurels, the witty star of stage and screen has since dedicated her life to writing a hilarious new book That book is this book.After years of painstaking, round the clock research, surviving on a mere twenty minutes of sleep a night, and collaborating with lexicographers, plumbers, and mathematicians, DeGeneres has crafted a work that is both easy to use and very funny Along with her trademark ramblings, The Funny Thing Is contains hundreds of succinct insights into her psyche and offers innovative features including More than 50,000 simple, short words arranged in sentences that form paragraphs Thousands of observations on everyday life from terrible fashion trends to how to handle seating arrangements for a Sunday brunch with Paula Abdul, Diane Sawyer, and Eminem All twenty six letters of the alphabet.

  • Title: The Funny Thing Is...
  • Author: Ellen DeGeneres
  • ISBN: 9780743247634
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Funny Thing Is An indispensable reference for anyone who knows how to read or wants to fool people into thinking they do The Funny Thing Is is sure to make you laugh Ellen DeGeneres published her first book of comic

    Dani Peloquin

    I love Ellen who doesn t I think that she s funny, insightful, and incredibly wise While I enjoy watching her show, I also loved her before she became the dancing, housewife heartthrob It is for this reason that I picked up her book More specifically, I got a copy of her audiobook so that I could listen to her read her book to me I thought it would be like a private stand up show with Ellen in my car Sadly, it missed the most important ingredient.hter.In this book, Ellen has compiled a bunch of [...]


    I love Ellen I think she is a genuinely funny and kind person However, I think that a lot of her humor is due to her timing and presentation I don t find that it comes across as well in her written work It helps to imagine the book being told in her voice, but not enough to make me love it.


    I saw many bad reviews about this one, and was not too sure I d like it But it made me laugh be it the brunch, the conversation with God, or the random ramblings Ellen is always a delight I did prefer Seriously, I m Kidding, though.

    Huda Al-Anbar

    The Funny Thing Is I was listening to this audiobook 1 Suddenly the thought of cleaning my room sounded appealing.2 I watched the whole season of the cancelled CBC show Friends With Better Lives, 12 full episodes.3 I organized my ebook library, shelving is as important as reading 4 I decided to learn and make all kinds of breakfast eggs scrambled, poached eggs, cheese omelet, and basically anything I could do with a 30 egg cartonYTHING not to listen to this audiobook I appreciated that it let me [...]

    BAM The Bibliomaniac

    HumorousBut if you re a lifelong fan you ll recognize some old school skits being placed in the chapters of this book


    MehO kayThe problem with this one is that it s kind of old and I probably have heard most of these jokes or antidotes in some of her old stand up Don t get me wrong, it was chucklesome Like that word do you Lol But I wasn t laughing hard This book didn t really tell much about her per se I don t know if it was supposed to It was a lot of randomness put into a book When at the beginning she said she thought she d fill the time prior to her show starting her current talk show , she wasn t lying Th [...]


    Oh, I wish I had read this before picking up Seriously I m Kidding The Funny Thing is did make me laugh of course, it s Ellen after all but, with the exception of a few chapters, it is not as coherent and thought provoking as her next book The Funny Thing is is just that little bit too silly to be really funny It s cute, tho.Review first posted on BookLikes brokentuneoklikes post


    I LOVE Ellen, but I don t love this book.It s not funny I ll admit I chuckled a couple times,but I actually fell asleep I still love her, though.


    I got this book for my birthday, along with DeGeneres other book, and I jumped right into it Here s a big surprise I LOVED IT Ellen DeGeneres is so talented and funny Each chapter is in no way tied to the others, so it s not like readers are taking in an on going story DeGeneres rambles her way through the point that she is trying to make, and her ramblings only add to the humor The chapter titled A Scientific Treatise Regarding a Matter of Great Entomological Concern to All of Us is a hoot it s [...]


    Another fun, light and silly read from Ellen

    Callie Rose Tyler

    Liked not loved, good not great I love Ellen and thoroughly enjoyed SeriouslyI m Kidding 5 Stars but this book just didn t pack the laughs I thought it would It might be because it is an older book and I have heard this material before Once again I see that this is labeled biography memoir, it isn t, it is a comedy book The style is stream of consciousness ridiculousness.


    There are all sorts of books offering advice on how to deal with life threatening situations, but where s the advice on dealing with embarrassing ones Finished this in one afternoon because1 It s Ellen2 I studied while listening3 IT S ELLEN.Ellen is my favorite, and this book did a great job of showing her sense of humour I listened to the audiobook and it felt just like watching her show I wasn t the biggest fan of her diary portion when she was on tour, but everything else was hilarious.


    I love Ellen She s funny, and fantastic, and an absolute icon I m just not entirely sure that her kind of comedy translates well into writing.Oh, the book is humourous I enjoyed it I m glad I read it I ll probably keep an eye out for her other book It s just also very disjointed and, because it is in print rather than verbal humour, lacks the delivery to make that final push.Still, an entertaining read.


    Since I m writing this review about a month after listening to this I have to say I remember mostly nothing about this book Nonetheless I remember enjoying it DeGeneres is a good and nuanced narrator, she has a clear voice and I like her humor so there you go A fun listen and also not too long so the joke doesn t get old.

    Wael Margheni

    Another book by the sweet and lovely Ellen DeGeneres a person I respect and love Anyway, that s not the point The point is I am too tired and sleepy to write a big detailed review and therefore all I am going to say about this book is that I really had a good time reading it And though maybe I kept comparing it to my first Ellen book, Seriously I m Kidding , and that is a very wrong thing to do but I have to admit, this one felt serious Doesn t mean it s not funny I couldn t help myself but lau [...]

    Kate Powers

    I don t like to give books anything below a 3 because hello if I ever write a book I want the same treatment I think my biggest criticism was that a good portion of this was from her Here and Now comedy routine, where the jokes were way funnier sometimes the theatrical hands and facial expressions are just so necessary I also wish she would tell truths about her life, but I guess that s like telling a fish to just try living on land for once.


    As funny as she is on TV, this was a yawn Not good, since I listened to it while driving I think I laughed out loud once or twice very disappointing She is so much better when she has people to play off, and I felt like there was very little sense of comic timing as she read, which is strange, because on TV she is a master Maybe lack of facial expressions were a problem for an audio book too.

    Salam Almahi

    There were some funny bits which though rare were Hilarious but in general it felt like Ellen was somehow forced to write this book so it sounded like she was trying too hard to find random topics to talk about and put some humor into, unfortunately without success.


    This book was not funny at all What a complete waste of my time.


    Snoozeetty awful.

    Helen Power

    I m a huge fan of the Ellen Degeneres show I listened to this as an audiobook, because I wanted it to feel like I was attending my own personal taping, and that Ellen s sole purpose was to entertain me The anecdotes were funny, but I quickly realized that there was something missing It felt like Ellen was reading the book I know how that sounds of course she was reading the book But it felt like she was reading someone else s words Her voice was flat It lacked her usual comedic timing and the nu [...]

    Vitak Cheav

    3.50 stars This is so similar to the Seriously I m Kiddingbook Just because I just finished that book 4 hours ago And finished this one four hours after.I would have liked it if I had not munch them up together Of course, there are new stories and hilarious ones But it seems a little bitoverwhelming.Before you can ask, YES you can be overwhelmed By jokes As well as anything I should really have read this book sometime later Sadly, I picked some other book up and put em all down No matter what S [...]


    The Funny Thing Is Dot Dot Dot is a really brilliant, comedy, and maybe a diary book I had so much fun these 3 days reading ellen s words and hearing her voice between the lines she didn t leave my head not even for a second I love her personality, and the power she has and gives, the way she s funny,make me think and afraid of the end she s one of these people who must be alive forever I think she will never stop giving, and her spirit is what makes us in love with her Good job Ellen .


    3.5 starsI like this, especially at the end, but not as much as Seriously I m kidding I have seen the Ellen Show about a year ago and it was a decent 90 s sitcom It is interesting to hear her perspective without knowing what s about to come for her About times the book felt a little desperate, like LAUGH, I M FUNNY DAMMIT , but it held up pretty well.


    not funny at all.

    Tea Time with Marce

    From my blog If you are a fan of Ellen your expectations will be met, no surprises, with Ellen, what you see is what you get Ellen is silly and you enjoy laughing at her and with her At times I rolled my eyes, laughed out loud, giggled to myself and said what the hell is she saying, oh right, ok that is so Ellen why did I fall that crap, lol.Hands down my favourite chapter was Working it Out, about parallel parking, exercise, specifically her personal trainer He tried to talk her out of eating i [...]


    I am a fan of Ellen Degeneres BUT because this book was written 2003 I didnt expect too much I am happy to say that I was pleasantly suprised I knew it would be good even though the jokes werent up to date I especially liked the part about skinny swedish legs and her wishing she was born in Sweden like everyone else Haha Sweden is as big as a flypoop next to America I live in Sweden and I contantly wish I had been born in the US She also said all Swedes eat healthy and have naturally healthy bod [...]


    The Funny Thing is Nothing I think it was written like this, Ellen might have started a journal to express her feelings about various concepts.She wrote about ties, puppies, frustration, curiosity , her perception on various things.Turns out some odd person might have liked it and they published her journal as book.The interesting thing is there is nothing funny in this book at all.You can start reading this from anywhere, right from middle or start from the end ll make perfect sense FYI it s no [...]

    Tess J

    It took me way longer than it should have to read this book, and I think I figured out why It was really monotonous What works for Ellen on tv and in her stand up specials is awful to read the absurdity and light hearted humor that I think defines her style makes a book that feels like trying to eat a tub or reddi whip or something Its light, familiar, and really fun for the first bite But after 5 bites you re full of this homogenous cloying stuff and it s a struggle to finish the book Ellen s g [...]


    I could almost leave a rating off of this, because the rating is irrelevant the reason for this is that some of these chapters are five star hilarious and some were zero star non chapters A non chapter is one which just passed and you didn t notice it, because nothing happened and if it did it was neither insightful nor funny.And if there are things in a chapter which give me the wet giggles, that s five stars The phrase freshly washed monkey is enough for me.What does this mean Who cares It s c [...]

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