Sep 27, 2020
My Point... And I Do Have One
Posted by Ellen DeGeneres

With the unpredictable wit and engaging warmth that has won her a loyal following, and the undeniable star quality that has made her television series an instant hit, Ellen DeGeneres brings her unique comic perspective to the page in a book of simple yet brilliant observations, outrageous dreams, and hilarious life stories.

  • Title: My Point... And I Do Have One
  • Author: Ellen DeGeneres
  • ISBN: 9780553573619
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Point And I Do Have One With the unpredictable wit and engaging warmth that has won her a loyal following and the undeniable star quality that has made her television series an instant hit Ellen DeGeneres brings her unique


    one of the funniest books i ve ever read i love Ellen so much she is a great human being and funny i loved her books so much and this one is my favorite That s what life is all about There s a lot of crying So you d better cry now and get used to it i had so many funny monents that left me laughing out loud p LOVE YOU ELLEN D Was I good at anything Athletics, I suppose You were on the tennis team And you started the girls golf team You were the only one on the team, playing every day by yourself [...]


    I found this book extremely hard to get through I love Ellen, and her brand of humor Why did I dislike the book so much Well, I finished reading the book yesterday Except if you can t see the date, then you might think today is yesterday, which it may have well been depending on when you read this review But if you read the review a year from now, then me saying I read it yesterday will be irrelevant But if you read this review today, then it can be accurately concluded that it was really truly [...]


    I would have loved to give this book at least 2 stars, just because it s Ellen I love her so much But no, that s totally out of the question I guess Ellen developed her sense of humour throughout the years as this book was written in 1995 I found it hardly entertaining I had to chuckle a few times but that s pretty much it It s even impossible to sum it up as it s a collection of stories about nothing everything They are supposed to be funny situations out of Ellen s life but the whole thing is [...]

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    I respect Ellen DeGeneres as a person and I enjoy her comedy This book, however, was not a great idea I went to the library for her latest, SeriouslyI m Kidding, and figured I d pick up her others at the same time Unfortunately, her comedy relies a lot on inflection, timing, and facial expressions These are things that do not translate to print She even says as much when she explains why she s not including her signature Phone Call To God bit Here are two examples to show exactly how the comedy [...]

    Teagan Cantle

    Why i decided To read this book i decided to read ellen degeneres my pointd do i have on because i read her seriously im kidding and really liked it, so i ordered this online and read it although it was still good it wasnt as good as the first oneWhich category on the bingo board does this cover i decided to put this in My own choice , Mainly because it doesnt cover anything but autobiography and i have already used that,my favourite quote from the book, and why there were many great quotes in t [...]


    I wanted to know about Ellen I had a few good laughs throughout the story and there were some quotes that I related to But I felt like the entire book was written as a joke None of what was written was believable for the most part and it seemed like someone was just telling me a make believe story about a certain event I wanted it to be of something that taught me something about her and be something relatable instead of reading make believe stories about how she gives her neighborhood childre [...]


    I am a huge fan of ellen and was hoping the poor reviews were wrong I admire ellen and she is my favourite comedian However I struggled to get through this book It is horribly boring I really gave it a go, I got to the end when I really didn t even want to keep reading The problem is, I think, her book material is written as a standup, relying heavily on expression, timing etc It does NOT transfer well in written form I regret spending the money on this book I didn t even crack a smile, let alon [...]


    As much as I love Ellen, I hated her book It was incredibly boring, not at all funny It was like she tried way too hard to be funny, the opposite came across I almost stopped reading it halfway through, but I stuck it out because I like to finish what I start.


    Yikes, most unfunny book by a comedian ever Thank goodness for David Sedaris.


    I like the occasional pointless book but it needs to have some entertainment value, this fell short Too bad, because I like Ellen s sense of humor It seemed like she was trying too hard to be funny and it backfired Towards the end of the book it got annoying as she kept going on about her contractual obligation to write at least 60,000 words for the book If she would have made fun of life situations it would have worked better Instead she kept making stuff up In short this was rambling nonsense. [...]

    Janus the Erudite Artist

    I had a blast with reading Seriously I m Kidding, which is Ellen s third book, but I didn t find My Point and I Do Have One as fun Both books have pretty much the same idea and My Point and I Do Have One even has these cute doodles in them Sadly it didn t make the book funnier I love Ellen and the way she makes people laugh with just a few words But the focus of each chapter in this book kind of gets lost whenever she shifts suddenly to an off topic subject a problem I didn t have with Seriously [...]


    Some comics have a sense of humor that easily translates to ink and paper Unfortunately, I think Ellen s genius loses a lot when you can t see what she s doing Her facial expressions, body language, and mastery of the dramatic pause just don t come through in My Point And I Do Have One.Having seen some of Ellen s standup acts, the sections discussing weird bathroom behaviors and airplane experiences were the funniest because I could envision her actions The parts about meeting her publisher s wo [...]


    I ve always thought Ellen was pretty funny and I was looking for a laugh, so I picked this up I ve heard her later books are great and much better, but I have this thing about having to start from the beginning with books Since this was her first published book, I had to start here.I did laugh a few times, but overall this was just annoying to read She bounced around from one mindless rambling thought to the next, and it just became a little grating From the middle of the book and on, she remind [...]

    Joseph Hare

    I m really surprised by how low this is rated on , people do not like this book I think possibly part of the problem is that these days people are of course familiar with Ellen Degeneres from her talk show, and although she s retained a similar style of humour throughout her years as a comedian, this book was written before her talk show days and is like a long, written out standup act, which was what she did at the time You should see her perform stand up before you read this book, otherwise t [...]


    I was expecting this book to tell me about Ellen herself and her life Instead it was just like one long joke I did thisok, only joking, no I never that sort of thing I got boring I didn t discover anything new about Ellen The only redeeming feature was that it was over relatively quickly Had it been any longer, I doubt I would have finished it.

    Hannah ♡

    a good book to read from when you had a bad day.


    Another fun, light hearted read from Ellen Not quite as funny as Seriously I m Kidding but still worth a read if you are a fan of Ellen.

    Amy P.

    This book was obviously still trying to hide Ellen s Sexuality I thought this was supposed to be a biography, but it was a poorly written book with some funny anecdotes thrown in.

    Ivan Magnus

    If you want to test cosmetics, why do it on some poor animal who hasn t done anything They should use prisoners who have been convicted of murder or rape instead So, rather than seeing if perfume irritates a bunny rabbit s eyes, they should throw it in Charles Manson s eyes and ask him if it hurts Already read Ellen s other books and thought they were funny but this is my favorite I think this book is hilarious and also relevant, don t know why it surprised me that I read about, like, how women [...]

    Indah Threez Lestari

    126 2017


    I love Ellen DeGeneres, I really do However, I don t like this book I guess I was expecting an autobiography, instead all I got was incoherent ramblings and nonsense I love her standup comedy from the 80s, I even watched an episode here and there of her television show Ellen, I adore her new Ellen DeGeneres show that is now in its 10th season Is her mind really this chaotic I found myself really wanting to like this book, but in the end I didn t even want to finish it After the first chapter I w [...]

    Amy Wilder

    The thing about Ellen is, she s really funny in a lightly self deprecating way She mocks herself for foibles like a fondness for kittens and an inability to manage gadgets She doesn t go too deep or ask you to but she does kind of give you that everybody s human so give yourself a break kind of glow.I breezed right through this, chuckling all the way, and I m glad Ellen is out there, being a gay person whose persona is not all about being gay She s like the Bill Cosby of gays If Cosby said my hu [...]


    Probably one of the worse books I ve ever read It seems as though it was dictated from a stream of consciousness recording The reader doesn t get a chance to really learn about Ellen s point of view on anything as you can never know if she s telling the truth about anything She makes is it obvious that she was required to write 60000 words so there are chapters of pure nonsense that are frustrating to read because its word garbage to eat up the required word quota Too many topics covered and no [...]


    People have been telling me to read Ellen s books for years so I finally got around to reading one I justdid not like this book as much as I wanted to It was an easy read and when I did pick it up, I d read a few chapters just during my lunch break But I didn t really want to pick it up It had funny moments, but it got a little annoying with all the talking in circles and taking segues that often weren t funny I know some of the jokes would ve worked better with Ellen herself reading them to me [...]


    I know that Ellen in general has a very non sequitur type of humor in which she ping pongs from one topic to another Unfortunately, in a book that type of popcorn thinking drives me mad I expected there to be some cohesion to the chapters, something that tied them together, and as far as I could tell by about halfway in there wasn t anything of the sort On top of that I didn t find the chapters themselves particularly funny It s a shame really since I m fond of Ellen, just not, I ve found, of he [...]


    I know I am echoing many of the other reviews when I say simply that this book fell short of expectation Though I think some of the parts mentioning the contract stipulated word limit were meant to be humorous, the motif appeared often enough to make me think that Ellen actually did have trouble hitting her word limit and thus felt the need to go on long and relatively un funny tangents Disappointed.


    I don t agree with the titlee doesn t have a point The irony is that I normally love the randomness of Ellen s comedy however, I think this book is a little too random There are a couple of funny parts but overall it feels like she is just trying to fill space or even trying too hard to be funny.


    Ellen has an amazing perspective and gift for sharing the laughter I asked my grandma rose for this book for a Christmas gift, but she didn t want to buy it for me because Ellen is gayI didn t really understand that and I remember thinking, you just don t get it, what does gay have to do with it anyway I was a junior in high school at the time and I still love Ellen

    Michelle T.

    Ellen is awesome, I have always considered her as a good person on what she shows on t v she is so sincerred and the book as you read it you just can imagine her doing every single one of the things Hilarious A most read Can wait to read the next one.

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