Sep 27, 2020
The New Moon With the Old
Posted by Dodie Smith

When Jane Minton arrives at Dome House as a secretary housekeeper, she finds herself sharing the comfortable country home of four attractive young people Their handsome widower father, Rupert Carrington, too occupied with his London business to see very much of them, merely provides for them generously and leaves them to cultivate their talents which they energeticallyWhen Jane Minton arrives at Dome House as a secretary housekeeper, she finds herself sharing the comfortable country home of four attractive young people Their handsome widower father, Rupert Carrington, too occupied with his London business to see very much of them, merely provides for them generously and leaves them to cultivate their talents which they energetically do Richard, the eldest, is a composer Clare, whose true talent if it can be called that has never disclosed itself, attempts to paint Drew is collecting material for a novel to be set in the Edwardian era and Merry, still at school, already works hard towards a stage career Jane Minton, warmly welcomed into this happy household, feels her luck is too good to be true And it is certainly too good to last The delightful private world of Dome House is fated to break up It is Jane who learns from Rupert Carrington that he is in danger of prosectuion for fraud and must leave England He asks her to break the news to his children who must now fend completely for themselves and do what she can to help She is very willing to, for his sake as well as theirs, as she is greatly attracted by him What happens then makes an engrossing and unpredicable story, for the Carringtons are not usual young people, and it is, perhaps, their own basic originality which draws to them unusual adventures, in which humor and than a touch of strangeness are often inextrica

  • Title: The New Moon With the Old
  • Author: Dodie Smith
  • ISBN: 9780434713523
  • Page: 427
  • Format: None
  • The New Moon With the Old When Jane Minton arrives at Dome House as a secretary housekeeper she finds herself sharing the comfortable country home of four attractive young people Their handsome widower father Rupert Carringt


    It s an odd story, but it s always pleasant to read Dodie Smith That s part of the oddness, actually you re reading along having a pleasant enough time and at some point you ll sort of pull up and go Wait What s happening here Because almost all of her characters get into relationships that are kind of a little almost unsavory And then pretty soon you re lulled by the pleasantness again and everything s fine Until the end when you shut the book and wonder what the hell you just read.


    I suppose I say fuck too much for anyone to understand my secret Dodie Smith soul, but if I could live in any kind of novel it would be something along the lines of L.M Montgomery or dear old Dodie She s that secret part of me that likes to say things like, oh darling or tolerably happy or so fond Reading Dodie makes my soul happy.I had the opportunity to be whisked off by a Brit and Dodie would have had me take him, I think.This is my last Dodie Smith novel and I have to admit that it s all ver [...]


    I think this is the book that is closest to I Capture the Castle in terms of its characters and themes It s as though a fairy godmother liberates the well to do children of this family and sets them on their own paths of adventure I particularly enjoyed Clare s scandalous dream to become the mistress of a king Nobody depicts clandestine sex like this author Dodie had some pretty racy affairs of her own, and always includes a female character in her stories that chooses passion over moral convent [...]


    Now here s a lovely story It s set in the early sixties, in a real world sprinkled with just a little bit of added fairy dust.It begins with Jane Minton, She s a young woman all alone in the world, accustomed to standing on her own two feet and earning her own living And she s rather good at it.Jane has a new job A very good job she is to be secretary housekeeper at Dome House, the country home of Rupert Carrington, a successful city businessman.Her employer is rarely at home, but Jane finds her [...]


    This novel from the author of I Capture the Castle is an absolute joy There is something of the fairy tale about it although it is heart warming than frothy It is the early 1960 s and Jane Minton a thirty something single woman arrives at Dome house to begin a new job The job is that of secretary housekeeper to Rupert Carrington On arrival Jane finds that Mr Carrington is absent but she is welcomed heartily by his four children all in their early twenties or teens and the two elderly sisters wh [...]


    Wish I d written this review right after I read it I liked it a lot, I mean, Dodie has a unique way of setting up expectations and then taking them off sideways that is both charming and ironically satisfying I was having a hoot with it The children run off in all directions and have their individual adventures And are they far fetched Yes, but so fun, and a little off , too, like edging very close to the line of social acceptability even these days I didn t like how she resolved it all so much, [...]


    I really like Dodie Smith s writing and I want to like this book, so much than I actually do I find it a little too quirky to be convincing And the way the children are paired off with aging partners and illicit liaisons is kind of distasteful I couldn t feel any of the romance or interest I wanted to like the character of Jane Minton, but her mooning after the father, Rpert Carrington, just rang false and pathetic Sigh Not my favourite or even my second favourite Smith.


    I found myself at odds with this book, which is rare for me I have read The 101 Dalmatians, and I Capture the Castle, so I thought I knew what to expect with this book I had no idea I was instantly confused with the time period this book is meant to represent The characters are so stodgy and old fashioned, but there are telephones, refrigerators and cars It felt like Pride and Prejudice and then so modern at the same time and I just had no idea.Alright, so I moved on and accepted the time period [...]


    I enjoyed reading this book It wasn t as good as I Capture the Castle, though it was a lot adult It s divided into sections by characters four siblings, and Jane, who is their sort of assistant secretery idk I think I liked some sections than others because I liked some characters than others My favorite chapters were definitely Clare and Drew, and my least favorite Richard s Considering it ended with Richard s, that kind of made the book end on a blah note He was just boring, that s all Over [...]

    Gina Dalfonzo

    I read about two thirds of this one and had to put it down It took a turn I hadn t expected and didn t like The premise was good but the execution, to my mind, was a failure all these sheltered young people getting into weird and creepy relationships grated on me Someone like, say, Noel Streatfeild could have done a lot with the basic idea of the book, making it much interesting and not nearly as creepy Maybe I ll pick it up again sometime, just because I don t like to leave a book unfinished [...]


    A light read If you ve read I capture the Castle it s a similar vein beautiful but poor but well born virgins rescue themselves from poverty by ensnaring what would now be considered indecently older rich protectors In this case a 14 year old falls in love with a 40 year old which made me a bit uncomfortable One of the virgins is also male he finds an elderly widow to keep him the 3rd virgin becomes the mistress of a middle aged prince Still it s of its time.


    While I enjoyed this book, I reached a point about 2 3 through where I was just ready for it to end.I feel I could ve liked it a lot than I did None of the characters really did much for me, except Drew I got to be very fond of Drew And I couldn t quite swallow some of this book s twisted moralsAltogether it was an interesting, amusing, and rather odd book.Not sure if I would ever read it again, but it was pleasant for a one time thing


    Loved this story of intrepid Jane Minton who becomes housekeeper secretary to the quirky Carrington family Here is a link to my review perfectretort 201


    Yet another fantastic work from Dodie Smith You can watch my review here youtu vLCpWIRkmzE

    Donna LaValley

    When an author hits my 5 Star list with a first novel, as Dodie Smith did with I Capture the Castle I naturally want to read all his her books, in chronological publishing order This is what I m starting with The New Moon with the Old It s a cozy, entertaining read without quite the depth of her first.In 1960 s England, a household with 4 siblings and a new housekeeper hit it off from hour one, only to be plunged into challenge by day 2 Each one, including said housekeeper Jane and the others co [...]


    3.5 stars.I actually really did enjoy this novel on growing up in various forms, and confronting one s dreams and reflecting on how one s dreams really float amongst painstaken reality I docked a couple of stars because a lot of things that happened were too easy and fictional and idyll for what I said before, a novel on growing up Also, ironically, while I really enjoyed it, I wouldn t read it again And those books I reserve for 4 or 5 stars which I do with little generosity But what I did like [...]


    A London financier hires a new secretary to work weekends at his country home He then flees to the Continent, leaving his four nearly grown children to make their own ways in life with some aid from his former secretary One is a budding actress, one wants to be a writer, one a composer, and one doesn t want to be anything The story follows each of them on their respective adventures This makes for a lightly humorous fantasia with some grounding in the real world However, either I wasn t in the m [...]


    Highly recommend I fell in love with Dodie Smith after reading I Capture the Castle and have found the rest of her work, thus far, equally engaging if somewhat inconsistent This title is a pleasure to read with a great ensemble cast The youngest daughter,Merry, is my absolute favorite told with great insight and a lot of humor However, some stories get a bit weird and you are left kind of shaking your head Despite this, I highly recommend it and intend to continue reading by ms smith.


    You think you have first day on the job woes Nothing doing compared to Miss Minton She s hired as secretary and near instantly becomes surrogate parent to 4 teens young adults, housekeeper, cook, working single mom, adviser, and criminal co conspirator And that s day 1 As the kids begin disappearing to find their own way, she must decide to keep up the empty nest or shutter it or rent it out And it s not even her house I loved the chapters on the children s escapades They are believably farcical [...]


    This was an entertaining novel with some similarities to I Capture the Capture Was it realistic Definitely not, and the plot unraveled a bit at times It wasn t nearly as well written as I Capture the Castle either That being said I found myself wide awake in bed unable to sleep before finding out what happened to Merry or a couple of other charming characters If you ve never read Dodie Smith, this isn t the book to start with However if you enjoyed I Capture the Castle, you may enjoy sections of [...]

    Casey Kinson

    This was in no way a perfect story but I enjoyed it immensely I took my time reading it, savoring Dodie s voice and the sense of place she inspires If you can get your hands on this book, I d highly suggest it.


    2.5 stars a pleasant but rather vacuous read.


    Synopsis The New Moon With the Old was written by Dodie Smith and published in 1963 The novel starts out when a woman named Jane gets hired to be a secretary for a man named Mr Carrington Shortly after arriving at her post Mr Carrington flees the country because of fraud Jane is left with his four children three in their twenties and one teenager at the rather large Dome House They all must find interesting ways to make money and venture out into the world one by one Storyline I quite enjoyed th [...]

    Sara Whear

    I don t even know what to write about this book I am bewildered I read and loved I Capture the Castle and while Dodie Smith s charming, clever, and easy writing is on display in this book too the characters and plot just slowly devolve into awfulness It s like you re reading Anne of Green Gables and then suddenly she s someone s mistress view spoiler The first sign of trouble was Merry s fun story suddenly turning into a 14 year old making out with a 39 year old man and thinking herself in love [...]


    A delightful farce in novel form, with very humorous situations but also delightful character depictions Its structure is like a musical rondo form The first voice A introduces the story that takes place over some months in the life of a charming, eccentric family as the members, individually, strike out on a path that takes them away from the security of the family home, called the Dome The first voice is that of Jane, who comes into their life as house keeper manager of the household Each subs [...]


    Dodie Smith is to charm what Chanel is to perfume NYT By sally tarbox on 6 February 2018Format Kindle EditionThis is a charming, light and entertaining flight of fancy, full of improbable characters having even improbable adventures.When nice, sensible Jane Minton turns up for a new position as secretary housekeeper for the delightful but absent Rupert Carrington, she is entranced with her new life Four intelligent, personable children one still at school devoted servants and a luxurious lifest [...]


    This is an odd book, but I really liked it The changes in perspective were well done, and I liked getting to know all the main characters in that way And Dodie Smith s writing and dialogue just totally work for me even though there s an awful lot of One does and One shouldn t going on I ll try another book of hers someday for sure But daaaaang, there are a lot of typos in this edition

    Wesley Coburn

    This novel is rather bewildering It starts out with the slightest touch of Gothic ness, before transforming into the tale of four young adult siblings trying to make it on their own through the Big Scary World The writing style of Dodie Smith is bizarre, charming, eccentric, pleasant and a little sad.


    I love this writer Quirky England

    Emgee (Armchair Amusements)

    Now, I m familiar with Smith s work, the most notable, I Captured the Castle and The Hundred and One Dalmatians, only because of their big screen adaptations, both of which I enjoyed Being an absolute noob to her books, my expectations for this one were based primarily on gushing online reviews and the back cover s underwhelming premise.Read full review here armchairamusements the new

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