Sep 26, 2020
Half Upon a Time
Posted by JamesRiley

Life s no fairy tale for Jack After all, his father s been missing ever since that incident with the beanstalk and the giant, and his grandfather keeps pushing him to get out and find a princess to rescue Who d want to rescue a snobby, entitled princess anyway Especially one that falls out of the sky wearing a shirt that says Punk Princess, and still denies she s royaLife s no fairy tale for Jack After all, his father s been missing ever since that incident with the beanstalk and the giant, and his grandfather keeps pushing him to get out and find a princess to rescue Who d want to rescue a snobby, entitled princess anyway Especially one that falls out of the sky wearing a shirt that says Punk Princess, and still denies she s royalty In fact, May doesn t even believe in magic Yeah, what s that about May does need help though a huntsman is chasing her, her grandmother has been kidnapped, and Jack thinks it s all because of the Wicked Queen mostly because May s grandmother might just be the long lost Snow White Jack and May s thrillingly hilarious adventure combines all the classic stories fractured as a broken magic mirror into the first of an epic new series of novels for the ages.

  • Title: Half Upon a Time
  • Author: JamesRiley
  • ISBN: 9781416995937
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Half Upon a Time Life s no fairy tale for Jack After all his father s been missing ever since that incident with the beanstalk and the giant and his grandfather keeps pushing him to get out and find a princess to re


    I just found this out from another book that there are a lot of Jacks in fairy tales If someone were to ask you a trivia question like this What was the name of the boy who went to seek his fortune in the fairy tale Jack should be your answer So this Jack is having trouble with princess rescue training, he failed But then what do you know, a real princess falls out of the sky She needs help and so an adventure is set in place With all number of creatures and fairy tales coming out of every chapt [...]


    Jack has a bit of a bad reputation His dad is was a theif and his only chance of making a name for himself is by saving a princess Apparently though this is not his forte, and besides there really isn t that many princesses just ready and available for rescue After another dismal day of training it just so happens a princess literally falls from the sky This particular princess has a shirt that says Punk Princess, but keeps saying over and over again that she isn t Obviously she s in denial She [...]


    To start with I have never really written a review before, so this is my first I d first like to apologize for any mistakes or childish comments, if there are any, and I know there are But of course this is a book review so about the book in my opinion CHARACTERS I just have to say that I just adored all of the characters in the book Every single one of them even the least important ones The characters were very lively and their dialogue suits them perfectly.JACK Jack is my number one favorite c [...]

    Brenna H.

    4.5 stars.This was a funny mixed up fairytale retelling full of humor and adventure and magical objects and fairytale creatures and lost sarcasm A sad thing, indeed, that The tone of the book is lighthearted and funny and, well, simply put, I loved it My biggest complaint is how open ended it was It left so many questions unanswered, so many mysteries unsolved sigh But according to the author s website, the sequel is going to be published in April, 12, and it involves mermen and pirates and Neve [...]


    Oh My GoshStill really sort of blown away by this book I don t really know what to sayFIVE STARS AAAAALLLL THE WAY Can I rate it TEN stars Or FIVE HUNDRED Such a GREAT BOOK, and considering those seem to be hard to find sometimes BONUS I guess I ll start withCharacters May Is sarcastic, as is said many times over in the book I always love a good I CAN DO IT MYSELF Sarcastic girl hero in a story, and she was everything I praise I LOVE HER.Jack Was perfect All around, in every way, THE PERFECT cha [...]


    If you love fairy tales How many times do I have to tell you that fairies don t have tails Jack asked with a frustrated sigh then you will love this hilarious tale about the son of the famous Jack who climbed the beanstalk and the granddaughter of a Snow White Be ready to hold in the laughter as you quiver under the sheets with your night light, desperately trying to finish the book before the day is over One of the handful of books I ve finished in one sitting, I found myself sucked into the st [...]


    action packed withplentyof twists and turns I just want to hug all the characters and make all of their troubles go away, seriously, they re so funny and awesome


    If you like fairytales jumbled up like Snow White, Jack, and Red Riding Hood then this is the book for you One day Jack is sitting outside, when May also know as Princess falls from the sky As May tells Jack her story they decide to go rescue May s grandma who is Snow White They go through adventure, and experiences but will they save May s grandma in the end


    it was very good

    Kendall 2/3

    RTC because I have a lot to say but books to go read


    This book is such a great read I really enjoy this mixed up fairytale world that Riley has created Jack has to take princess rescuing classes, his grandpa hopes Jack can redeem the family name since Jack s father is a no good thief who brought giants and death to their world But what s the point of taking princess rescuing classes if there aren t any princesses to rescue But when he complains to his grandpa about that a princess pops out of thin air right into his arms, well not right into his a [...]

    Franzi Robinsôn

    I chose this book because i was in the Auckland library and i really like fantasy and drama kind of books this book had a beanstalk on it so i assumed it was like a fairy tale book i didn t even bother reading the blurb, i just took it home I did really like it, it was very modern and the language was very in my time and it was very, very funny I enjoyed it and its actually a trilogy so i will most likely read all the other books.The book is about a young boy named Jack who is nagged my his Gran [...]

    Jacob Carroll

    Personal Response This has got to be one of my favorite books ever, it has everything that someone like me can ask for From heroes that make a million mistakes before they reach the end of their journey in which it turns out they made a mistake then as well , to villains that turn up being the actual heroes from a certain perspective, that is I personally love how the author helps connect the reader with the character.Plot In the beginning of this book the main character Jack is trying and faili [...]


    Super clever, unique, and funny I loved this new combination of fractured fairy tales and know my students will to This one drops you right into the story with Jack on a mission to rescue a princess well, a boy dressed as a princess.matically you can see where this humor leads We quickly learn that Jack son the Jack you may have heard aboutyou know the one who climbed the beanstalk and stole from giants is quite the clutz and is not so keen on rescuing royaltywhich of course only leads into a pr [...]


    I really wanted to like thisally I did Looking back on it it definely wasn t the best book I ve ever read This book would be awesome as a movie You don t have to change anything about it.e script is all there The thing is I really didn t want a movie, I wanted a book I was really excited to read this because I ve discovered I like reading fairy tale kind of books Jack and the beanstalk is a pretty well known fairy tale story so I was excpecting something that was different but stil stuck with th [...]

    Mark Baker

    Another alternative fairytale story with the characters we know and love at war with each other This time, a reluctant Jack is trying to help a strang girl from our world find and rescue her grandmother The book moved quickly and the ending left me anxious to get my hands on the sequel Highly recommended.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.


    He didn t like to do such thing as saving a princess He just didn t like to do it But, after he saw a girl who fell from weird hole, he had started to do an adventure, thinking she is SNOW WHITE s grand dauther But was it true or not

    shannon Evans

    This is such a fun book I can t wait for the rest of the series It s a modern, witty take on classic fairy tale life Fun adventures, great for both teen and adult readers I m getting it for all my nephews

    Hannah White

    This was so good Like Really good I just yeah You should go read it XP

    Macy Field

    New Favorite series of all time

    Danyelle Leafty

    Can t wait for part two I loved the twist at the end, and looking back on all of the hints I d had early on without realizing it.

    Laura (bbliophile)

    This was not as good as I expected The story was cute, but a lot of things just didn t add up, and it s quite forgetable overall.

    Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids

    James Riley does a brilliant job at throwing in numerous beloved fairy tales and twisting them into an engaging, fast paced plot that both middle grade and adult readers will enjoy There s action, there s adventure, betrayal and of course plenty of sarcasm and wit that make this a one of kind story.What s not to enjoy about Jack, the story s main character who s failed his training in how to save princess He s goofy, funny, clumsy and really just a fun character to get to know He s someone who s [...]


    This is a fun fairy tale mashup disappointing only because the author failed to wrap up any of the story lines You won t find out how Prince Phillip finds his Sleeping Beauty or why there is a little fairy in the Princess s hair You won t learn who the Princess really is or see the Wicked Queen defeated You won t see Jack discover his inner hero or find out the identity of his mysterious mentor The book just ends with everything unfinished Possibly the author thinks he is being clever but in act [...]

    Sharon Bhojwani

    Plot Story starts off with Jack meeting May and that they are going to rescue May s Grandmother, Snow White Along the adventure, we met with a number of well known fairytales characters such as Red hood, Big bad wolf, the huntsman, giants, fairies and others.The main flaw with the book was that the MCs are flat, two dimensional characters May She is a young girl from our world dropped into the fairytale world Her attitude is horrible, she is rude and always has something sarcastic to say though [...]


    Jack is just not cut out to be a hero But with a criminal for a father you know, the one who climbed a beanstalk and stole a harp and golden goose from a giant , what can you expect So his hopes for marrying a princess are pretty slim until a girl and her problems fall literally into his arms Thus begins a crazy adventure as Jack, May the girl , and a prince named Phillip try to rescue May s captured grandmother in this fairy tale world.Fun I love that Riley took all these well known fairy tales [...]


    Half Upon a Time is awesome It s a silly and fun read with a HUGE plot twist at the end Don t let my 3 star rating discourage you from reading this adventurous story The story flowed a good quick pace, yet nothing was rushed There s lots of different events that take place and all were enjoyable to read about I reeeally hated May though, and I think the story would have been way better if she wasn t there with her snarky and rude comments while she looks down on everyone Sadly enough, she gets a [...]

    Kyla E.

    This book is about a kid named Jack, who wants absolutely NOTHING to do with royalty One day, he failed his princess test and got into an argument with his grandpa He argues that if he wants to find an adventure than adventure itself can find him first, then he proceeds to stick out his arms Then May, a princess who is lost and confused, falls from the sky This results in Jack and May to go on an adventure to find her grandmother, and beat the evil queen I like how this book takes characters fro [...]

    Andrew Shumate

    This fun little book allowed me to read a whole lot of fairy folk tales at once This delightful mash up is a new take on the idea of a fractured fairy tale.Jack isn t doing to well at the Princess Rescuing Academy, when a girl wearing a Punk Princess T Shirt falls from the sky Jack s grandpa figures she s the one The two uncover a nefarious plot involving May s grandmother and with the help of a Prince Charming and the Wolf King, they ll face foes like the Huntsman, Maleficent, and Red Riding ho [...]

    Miss Clark

    3.5 starsThis zany, fun fairytales retold series jumps right into it when May, a young girl from our modern world is plopped into the world where all the fairytales from movies and books took place Her grandmother was just abducted by a Huntsman and her only option for aid is Jack, son of Jack of Jack and the Beanstalk fame Jack who has no use for heroes and rescue missions or magic.Of course, they collect a few allies along the course of their quest to rescue May s grandmother and a whole lot [...]

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