Oct 22, 2020
The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam
Posted by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Muslims who explore sources of morality other than Islam are threatened with death, and Muslim women who escape the virgins cage are branded whores So asserts Ayaan Hirsi Ali s profound meditation on Islam and the role of women, the rights of the individual, the roots of fanaticism, and Western policies toward Islamic countries and immigrant communities Hard hitting, ouMuslims who explore sources of morality other than Islam are threatened with death, and Muslim women who escape the virgins cage are branded whores So asserts Ayaan Hirsi Ali s profound meditation on Islam and the role of women, the rights of the individual, the roots of fanaticism, and Western policies toward Islamic countries and immigrant communities Hard hitting, outspoken, and controversial, The Caged Virgin is a call to arms for the emancipation of women from a brutal religious and cultural oppression and from an outdated cult of virginity It is a defiant call for clear thinking and for an Islamic Enlightenment But it is also the courageous story of how Hirsi Ali herself fought back against everyone who tried to force her to submit to a traditional Muslim woman s life and how she became a voice of reform Born in Somalia and raised Muslim, but outraged by her religion s hostility toward women, Hirsi Ali escaped an arranged marriage to a distant relative and fled to the Netherlands There, she learned Dutch, worked as an interpreter in abortion clinics and shelters for battered women, earned a college degree, and started a career in politics as a Dutch parliamentarian In November 2004, the violent murder on an Amsterdam street of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, with whom Hirsi Ali had written a film about women and Islam called Submission, changed her life Threatened by the same group that slew van Gogh

  • Title: The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam
  • Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  • ISBN: 9780743288330
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Caged Virgin An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam Muslims who explore sources of morality other than Islam are threatened with death and Muslim women who escape the virgins cage are branded whores So asserts Ayaan Hirsi Ali s profound meditation on


    As you may already know, I love Ayaan Hirsi Ali She s courageous and oh, so clever I believe that this collection of essays was her first book Although it was eye opening and is definitely worth a read, it s not as incredible as her other three books, which are far powerful and absolute must reads Those books are Infidel , Nomad , and Heretic and they should be read in that specific order In order to prevent author and subject overload, it s best to not read them back to back


    A collection of essays by a Muslim woman who escaped literally to the Netherlands Given our times, I recommend that anyone read this One of her main points was this Women s situation under Islam is so completely, utterly shitty that Western liberals and feminists need to stop trying to be so culturally sensitive and actually DO SOMETHING She exposes some of the hypocrisy of those who think their cultural sensitivity is helping, while it is really hurting for example, she talks about the differen [...]

    Hodan A

    Highly offensive to a religion which is practiced by a billion and half people the world over The only thing I would like to ask the author is Which planet do you live in Muslims don t all treat their women badly implied here in the book a fate worse than animals women are abused everywhere both physically and mentally in western and non western countries The only Comment on this writer is she s from the class of writers who bash Muslims to get fame and fortune She gives examples of Somali women [...]


    FTC NOTICE Library BookREVIEW The moment I started reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali s, The Caged Virgin An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam, I realized that I missed her style of writing, having previously read Nomad From from Islam to America A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations and Infidel The beginning of her book reflected an assertive manner without being offensive, a consistent characteristic offered in all three texts This approach compelled the me to want to walk in [...]


    For me, this book was disappointing and unsatisfying I was hoping for an informed and intelligent treatment of the problem of the status of women in Islam, which would be evidence based and factual, but this is nothing like what I wanted Ali seems like no than an averagely intelligent observer of Islam, though she is certainly well qualified in her opinions, having been brought up as a Muslim and having fled a compulsory marriage to live the unreligious life in the Netherlands But I, for one, a [...]

    Mikey B.

    This is a series of articles that Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote after seeking asylum in the Netherlands One can sense the changes and development in her thought processes as she becomes and provocative She is not allowing Islamists in any way to externalize their problems She wants an internal resurgence within the Arab Muslim world in particular to ask for the liberation of women As she points out, the cycle of uneducated and repressed women in the role of raising children in a patriarchal society is [...]

    Hanan Kat

    March 2015 Update Ayaan Hirsi Ali is nothing but a liar and agent alternet media anti is I was deeply disturbed by the fact that she kept calling herself a muslim, while she discredited the prophet and the Koran and wanted both their sayings revised and changed by intelligent people She implied throughout the book that muslims are nothing but savages and ignorants She considers herself a superior breed of Muslim Why Because she was born in some family that tried to get her married without her co [...]


    This book is a personal yet widely relevant testimony to the power of religion and the men that religion serves It lays bare the terror inflicted on women in the name of Islam not the only religion to have enslaved women turning them into chattel and questions the whole basis on which this particular god based ideology was created and has since been maintained Using her own life story and bringing in the tragic life stories of other women imprisoned by Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali calls into question W [...]


    I had a difficult time getting through this book, despite it being only about 180 pages long The problem wasn t the content but that I d already read Hirsi Ali s memoir, Infidel, and had pretty much stalked her after that this is a common thing I do when an author peaks my interest What I mean is, I googled her and read everything and anything I could about her I watched her short film, Submission, and learned as much as I could about what she s doing now that she s had death threats against her [...]


    This is a courageous and vital statement from a woman who escaped the injustices and violence of Islam toward women and is now speaking out to inform the world how Islam should be changed Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who grew up in a strict Muslim family in Somalia, was supposed to marry a distant cousin in Canada, but managed to escape during the journey and take refuge in the Netherlands There, she became a writer, filmmaker and Dutch parliamentarian who was determined to speak for Muslim women s rights H [...]

    Cathy Aquila

    Infidel was one of my favorite books of all time It was compelling on multiple levels Infidel told the author s life story and through her journey we learn much about Islam and the mistreatment of women in Muslim society Because of how good Infidel was, I was looking forward to reading The Caged Virgin While this book is well written and discusses many important women s issues, it is not as interesting for anyone who has already read Infidel In this book the author focuses on women s rights with [...]


    I first heard about Ali when reading the BBC news website after the death of Theo Van Gogh While I followed her story in the news, it was years later that I read Infidel, and not until this year that I read this book.This book includes Ali s screenplay Submission Part 1 which was filmed by Van Gogh and was the excuse given for the murder of Van Gogh I was glad to have read it because you should see what makes people angry for yourself For instance, if you stopped reading Harry Potter and the Sor [...]

    Andrew Georgiadis

    Islam is a static faith This piece is not as effective or biting in its criticism of Islam as her autobiographical Infidel, but it adequately presents Hirsi Ali s disappointments with the West s spineless, politically correct treatment her birth faith Among the many chapters, there are transcriptions of magazine interviews, the script of her short film Submission Part I which incited the murder of Theo Van Gogh, its director, and 10 steps of guidance to any woman thinking of escaping her situati [...]


    The general points brought up in the book were correct but the way the author brought them up were incredibly silly.I am no fan of Islam but the amount of generalisations and pure Straw Man arguments were absolutely appalling and all of those were even before the 4th chapter.The final straw for me was the line on page 34 Arabic poets often think they can write much better than Shakespeare But if that is the case, where is the Islamic Romeo and Juliet Such an incomprehensible lack of knowledge to [...]


    Her autobiography is very interesting and well written but this book is disjointed and poorly structured I felt like some one was shouting at me or lecturing me without making a concise, well thought out point I understand what she was trying to say but she didn t do a good job saying it and she didn t back up her points in a coheisive manner which is crucial when making bold statements and presenting theories There are a lot of generalizations and a severe lack of specific examples, which is te [...]


    A book that might not be an example of finest literature, it doesn t even want that It s an honest, blunt book with a very important message Ayaan Hirsi Ali has all my admiration since I read her autobiography, Infidel, and even if the caged virgin re captures some events related in Infidel, it s still a book to read for anyone interested in the world today and not bothered by some political fragments that hold a purpose.

    Iqra Choudhry

    A book that conflates culture and religion, and draws some very wrong conclusions As a liberal muslim woman, I can draw the line between religion and culture, and found the author s problematising of my religion highly inaccurate What could have been an amazing book was a huge disappointment riddled with false claims.


    Heard about it on NPR Looked forward to reading it Was sorely dissappointed Badly written Is of a rant than a narrative or careful look at the issues Highly inflammatory, one sided, and dismissive.

    Connie Faull

    Her first book Infidel was excellent this book was just a boring regurgitation of some of the things in Infidel and even boring rhetoric about her confusion with Islam I recommend Infidel but say don t bother with this book.


    Problematic things with The Caged Virgin besides the metaphor of the cage and Ali s obbession with Muslim virginity is her political analysis if we can call it that on the underdevelopment of states that consider themselves Islamic or have a predominant Muslim majority At one point, she links this underdevelopment to repressed sexuality while dismissing Muslims obsession with colonialism, Jews and Americans This obsession she finds distasteful and unable to explain underdevelopment or what she w [...]

    Quentin Zero

    Has good points but I d rather see a theological exploration of different interpretations of the quran in regards to female sexuality than anecdotes, however the anecdotes were pretty strong.


    i ve read in the news media about ali s struggles against muslim extremism and, recently, dutch backlash for her outspokenness and i find her courage admirable reading about her personal experience with the repression of muslim woman is horrifying to me my only contact with muslim woman has been with those who are highly educated and whose families, while protective and religious, i cannot consider repressive i tried to imagine these woman forced into a situation where they must follow ali s st [...]

    Danial Tanvir

    this book was just lovely, i bought it from a book shop in islamabad,pakistan and i read it in around a day , i had heard a lot about ayaan hirsi ali but i did not get the chance to read it , i really enjoyed reading it in the start she talks about how the world changed after 9 11 is about ayaan hirsi ali who was born in 1969 and was born in a muslim country and her family wanted her to go to canada as there was an arranged marriagee then escaped and went to the netherlands and she asked for an [...]


    The straight forward suggestions in this book are quite startling I had to keep reminding myself that the author GREW UP in this culture, and she KNOWS the problems that exist within it If anyone outside the culture had approached this subject and come to her conclusions, they would have been run out of town The author has received death threats in her attempt to protect women She hates abuse being able to hide behind religion and she especially hates that atrocious human rights violations are c [...]


    Going through the leaves of the Preface, I feel disturbed by Ayaan Hirsi Ali s declaration of what she had learned of being a Muslim Muslim evangelism in Somalia, her homeland, seems to have been very simplistic and divisive culminating into blind faith I am quite shocked to say the least.I should not therefore find the strong opinion espoused in the Preface too surprising and yet superficial She appears to be putting the blame on the religion for the failure of some Muslim people and nations I [...]


    This book was not written for me Ali pats herself on the back for coming to conclusions that are obvious to a western mind I hope this book can reach her intended audience in a meaningful way, but honestly I think her advice is superficial She tells women to leave the country and get a job Great How All the same I did take something from this, which is her charge that moral relativism is condescending We should not allow people to do violent and abhorrent things like carve vaginas out with forks [...]

    Josephine Burks

    An enlightening book I had trouble reading some of the content, as this is very much the lives of women in some countries today The author puts forward good, strong arguments for why Islam needs reformation, relating to her own life story I would have given the book 5 stars, had it flowed better and perhaps had than one proofreader, at times there was repetition and some confusing sentence structures however, this did not take away from the overall message of the book.


    This book was written from the viewpoint of a woman who suffered through life under a fundamentalist Islamic regime It is true that religions will always be judged on their most extreme members I thought some good points were made, but a whole lot of generalizations were there too, not really addressing those who are mainstream Muslims who do believe in women s education and rights.


    Didn t like this one so much i felt like the author expressed too much personal anger to fairly judge the issues, it s much better expressed in Infidel, in my opinion


    Fascinating, lamentable experiences of Ali I loved knowing about a female Muslim s upbringing and status in such a culture The pain and despair is accurately conveyed in this great memoir.

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