Jan 24, 2021
One Punch-Man 09
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Elimina a sus enemigos de un solo golpe Saitama es un superh roe tan fuerte que derrota a cualquier clase de monstruo de un pu etazo Aunque para l, eso no es precisamentebueno As comienza la leyenda del superh roe m s poderoso y ap tico de la historia Su misi n es buscar enemigosque s representen un desaf o para l El manga m s popular y esperado de los ltimos a os llega a Espa a de la mano de Ivrea La obra, creaci n de ONE, naci originalmente como un webcomic Esta reinterpretaci n del granYusuke Murata autor de Eyeshield 21 est batiendo r cords

  • Title: One Punch-Man 09
  • Author: ONE
  • ISBN: 8416805849
  • Page: 134
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  • One Punch Man Elimina a sus enemigos de un solo golpe Saitama es un superh roe tan fuerte que derrota a cualquier clase de monstruo de un pu etazo Aunque para l eso no es precisamentebueno As comienza la leyenda d

    Varoken Ikki

    Es de lo mejor qu se ha publicado recientemente en el mercado El anime esta a un nivel alt simo y toma como referencia gran parte de los dibujos de este manga, lo que le da aun m s m rito a la obra de One y al arte de Murata.


    Tanto el anime como l manga son lo m s, lo recomiendo para todo fan de este arte, eso es todo


    An amazing new concept in superhero stories One Punch Man is a revolution If you like superhero stories, get it on this now.What is it One Punch Man is basically a meta story, often reflecting on tropes of the superhero genre and making fun of them in a smart way In the first fight in the comics, a villain is stomping around town until our hero saves a girl from his clutches The villain asks who is this man who interferes and One Punch Man says drumroll please someone who is a hero for fun The v [...]


    Loved the anime and had to get the Manga One Punch Man is effin awesome Would STRONGLY recommend watching this bad character in the anime, if you haven t already The animation is absolutely beautiful to watch, and the Manga does the same within its pages The art looks as if it will jump right off the page And the humor is spot on Really fits well in the already absurd world of Saitama A must for all Manga Anime fan.

    Zac Hanscom

    One Punch Man, Vol 1 is the beginning of a former webcomic that went viral, getting over 10,000,000 hits It s the story of a simple faced masked superhero, which as a manga reader, I found rather novel Japan tends to humanize its heroes than America does, which humanizes its heroes than Mexico does In Scott McCloud s Understanding Comics, he draws a line between the realistic and the iconic, and One Punch Man s face is what McCloud would call iconic, along the lines of Jeff Smith s Bone or Her [...]


    Step 1 Stop reading this.Step 2 Start to read OPM.Step 3 Amazing art.Step 4 Comedy gold.Step 5 Realize it s so good.Step 6 Badass characters.Step 7 Cool story development.Step 8 Intense action sequences.Step 9 Tear through 10 volumes faster than a crack addict.Step 10 Review eagerly while awaiting next installment.

    Xyon McKell

    Yeah, the title here is all the summary you need.This is an amusing send up of action Shounen manga, taking standard elements to their extremes and featuring a main character that has no equal and is so strong he s bored Outside of the over the top build up to fights completely described by the manga s title, ridiculous amounts of emphasis are placed on odd things for comic effect both during the fights and when spotlighting One Punch Man s past His real worries are things like forgetting to do [...]

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