Sep 27, 2020
Love, Stargirl
Posted by Jerry Spinelli

LOVE, STARGIRL picks up a year after Stargirl ends and reveals the new life of the beloved character who moved away so suddenly at the end of Stargirl The novel takes the form of the world s longest letter, in diary form, going from date to date through a little than a year s time In her writing, Stargirl mixes memories of her bittersweet time in Mica, Arizona, wiLOVE, STARGIRL picks up a year after Stargirl ends and reveals the new life of the beloved character who moved away so suddenly at the end of Stargirl The novel takes the form of the world s longest letter, in diary form, going from date to date through a little than a year s time In her writing, Stargirl mixes memories of her bittersweet time in Mica, Arizona, with involvements with new people in her life.In Love, Stargirl, we hear the voice of Stargirl herself as she reflects on time, life, Leo, and of course love.From the Hardcover edition.

  • Title: Love, Stargirl
  • Author: Jerry Spinelli
  • ISBN: 9780375913754
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Love Stargirl LOVE STARGIRL picks up a year after Stargirl ends and reveals the new life of the beloved character who moved away so suddenly at the end of Stargirl The novel takes the form of the world s longest l


    I just finished Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli And I have not been able to pick up another book because I don t want to lose the feeling of satisfaction that came from finishing it At first, I didn t think that this book could be as good as it s prequel Stargirl, but not I m hard pressed to say which was better.Love, Stargirl picks up where Stargirl left off She has left Mica High in Arizona and, importantly, her boyfriend Leo The story reads as a year long letter to Leo as Stargirl lives lif [...]


    God, I am so elated right now I just finished this book and it was, I am happy to say, just as extrordinary as the first.You know, I started reading this because I m a senior in high school and I m tired of assigned books of Great Literature Don t get me wrong, The Scarlet Letter is one of my favorite novels ever, but I wanted something lighter and when I heard Stargirl, the book that WAS my sixth grade had a sequelwell, I ran out and got it.And I loved it Oh god, do I love this book It s as mag [...]


    Didn t love it.Stargirl was such a totally charming book Open ended somewhat, and I wanted to know what happened next.This is a sequel, I guess, a what happens sort of next and this time it s narrated by Stargirl But it isn t the same Stargirl of the first book All of the things Stargirl does and has done for years are absent here There are flashes of Stargirl behavior, it s like this girl is a Stargirl wannabe who is sort of faking it.I was disappointed that it didn t even reach as far in time [...]


    I really liked Stargirl, so I was excited to read this sequel But at first I found it unnerving to be reading Stargirl s point of view, her first person narrative, instead of Leo s Stargirl in Stargirl had seemed a character in a story, but Stargirl in Love, Stargirl was suddenly a person, and at first I didn t like that Reading her actual thoughts, and her reactions to her thoughts, removed her aura of mystery and magic and left her a real, thinking, feeling, human girl But maybe that s the re [...]

    Julie Zantopoulos

    I loved this book just as much as Stargirl Oh gosh, Stargirl is so precious I want her to stay that way forever, please never let her change Again, some truly beautiful and lyrical lines in this book and plenty of annotated and tabbed passages as Stargirl writes letters to Leo and navigates a new life for herself away from him It s a stunning look at getting over a first love, moving on while also nurturing that hope that someday, somehow, your paths will cross again and your love may work the s [...]


    This lacked the whimsical, nostalgic magic of Stargirl, which is one of my all time favourite books from my childhood, however, I still enjoyed this book and found it quite charming, and Stargirl is still a lovely character though I think showing her point of view quite damages the magical mystery about her This one also felt a little bit I m not like other girls and I m better because I don t wear makeup etc and that s not the girl I knew from the first book She also mopes about Leo a Lot tha [...]


    I was already worried about the premise of this book when I started reading it What I loved about the original Stargirl is the mystery behind the exuberant, eccentric stranger who comes into Leo s life and turns everything upside down The first book is about not conforming to expectations, being true to yourself, putting other people first, and learning to see beyond yourself Archie even explains that star people are not meant to be understood by the rest of us.So, why would I want to read a boo [...]

    Najme Ghanbari

    100 84 .

    Lisa Nelson

    Dear Stargirl,You left me asking e tu Stargirl I loved the first book about you and was excited to dive into this sequel written in letter diary form by you You were an amazing role model for young girls your age in your first book as an independent, free spirited and eccentric girl Even though you were different than other kids you were charming and I felt drawn to you That s why I was so disappointed that you spent almost half of your next book pining over Leo back in Arizona I guess I m not v [...]


    Light, enjoyable and quite fun But, I enjoyed the first book about Stargirl sooo much .


    I was really disapointed in this book I had high hopes because it is the sequel to one of my favorite books The spirit of Stargirl wasn t as powerful or as meaningful in this book as the previous book She was spending the year trying to get over Leo and her suffering from a broken heart in such a way didn t seem to be her I also thought the theme of the book, to live in the moment and see where life takes you, was forced I also thought that this sequel was definitely for advanced readers than S [...]


    I was so excited when I heard this was coming out SO EXCITED I m sorry to say, though, that I actually kind of hated it Stargirl herself is kind of lame All she does is moons over Leo and acts vaguely obnoxious Why doesn t she have any friends her own age The side characters are supposed to be wacky, but they just come off as forced Also, they all seemed like less good versions of characters from Maniac Magee Dootsie feels like a bad Hester and Lester, and Alvina is a poor man s Piper and Russel [...]


    Di bagian awal saya agak kecewa dengan lanjutan kisah Stargirl Terlalu datar dan serius Maksud saya, kita sedang bicara tentang Stargirl bukan Gadis yang tak pernah mencemaskan hari esok dan hari kemarin, mengapa dan bagaimanaTapi rupanya perpisahan dengan Leo membekaskan luka yang begitu mendalam padanya, sehingga Stargirl terus berpikir dan bertanya tanya dan sedih sepanjang waktu Ya, itu kesan untuk bagian awal buku ini Murung.Namun sedikit demi sedikit Stargirl mulai kembali menemukan diriny [...]


    I was excited when I heard this book was coming out a sequel to one of my favorite books, Stargirl But it s a bit like those who write sequels to Jane Austen novels and Gone with the Wind How could it possibly hold up I think maybe its biggest problem is that this time Stargirl is the narrator She was so mysterious and surprising in Stargirl because you didn t know what she was thinking and what she would do next This is still a good book, but I plan on reading Stargirl many times in the future [...]


    I finished this super fast because Stargirl bored me to death and I skimmed through it.Anyway, like my rating, I thought this book was simply ok I mean, there was nothing truly magnificent about it The only characters that I seemed genuinely interested in were Archie and Perry Wise, old man Archie Mysterious, daring boy Perry Stargirl just kept whining about her relationship with Leo MOVE ON, LADY Those little codes annoyed me to death I hated her poems as well She s a crappy writer I hated her [...]

    Nadia Uhlenhaker

    Wow Just, wow Yet again, I have been introduced to Jerry Spinelli s FANTASTIC writing and characters.This book was better than the first I LOVED reading from Stargirl s POV, and I fell in love with every single character I cried a few times while reading this book, not because I was sad exactly, but because of various emotions that were all over the place I felt all the feels I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, and their growth There wasn t a character that I didn t like, and I wanted of them [...]

    Melissa Robinson

    One of my favorite characters from all of YA literature returns Told from the point of view of Stargirl herself this time, the novel takes the form of a very long letter to her ex boyfriend, Leo Not quite as amazing as the orignal, Love, Stargirl takes a little while to get going Spinelli seems to struggle with finding an authentic voice for his quirky but lovable character Once he does, however, Stargirl shines as bright as ever Reading this one, like reading the original, makes you long to kno [...]


    Three stars is of a grand scheme of things than a enjoyed in the moment thing Stargirl returns The POV is now from Stargirl and not from Leo This changes things I feel like her voice gets lost a little in the transfer Before you see Stargirl in this almost mythical proportion, because Leo is so enad When you hear things from her POV, she starts to seem human, and slightly less magical She doesn t lose her hippiness, which is good She does spend a little too much of the book heartbroken Actuall [...]


    I looked back at my review for Stargirl to find inspiration to write this one, but I didn t review Stargirl I m not sure why because I thoroughly enjoyed the book.Love, Stargirl was just as good as Stargirl, but maybe even slightly better because this story was told by Stargirl herself in long letter diary format It was a nice contrast being in her head versus being in Leo s head as he observed his confident, non conformist girlfriend win over and then become alienated by his public high school [...]


    Oh Stargirl, how I missed you You can make me laugh, cry, love and think really deep thoughts like no one else And at the end of reading this, your second story, I just wanted to reach through the pages and give you a big hug to let you know it will all be all right But you knew that already, didn t you Just as good as the first book, this volume finds Stargirl one year older and a lot sadder Her happy bucket is almost empty of pebbles, and she is still pining for her lost love Leo But an assort [...]

    Colleen Houck

    The formatting was very interesting I enjoyed getting into Stargirl s head via her journals or a letter she s writing to the boy she loves Loved Cinnamon the rat.



    Love, Stargirl is the companion to Jerry Spinelli s bestselling novel Stargirl, this time told from the point of view of sixteen year old homeschooler Stargirl Caraway herself From Arizona, the Caraways move to Pennsylvania where Stargirl starts afresh albeit not without missing the great love of her life, Leo In order to quell her feelings of loneliness because of the distance between her and Leo, she writes him letters she wrote him about her new life, her new friends, her Winter Solstice proj [...]

    Maria Ella

    The beam began to dissipate then, as the sun cleared the horizon and flooded the world with light Still the people stayed, watching as the golden circle frayed and dissolved across the Blackbone It reminded my of a movie that is so good the audience just sits there staring at the rolling credits after the lights go on Suddenly the simple phrase another day had new meaning.In this companion book with Jerry Spinelli s Stargirl, we see the lead character stripping off of her mysteries More human, a [...]

    Vanessa Lalaine

    4.5starsbecause when she dreams of love,she dreams of smashed potatoes.because love makes it s own magic 3 I just have to say that I know a lot of people were are still hesitant to read this sequelbecause it s in Stargirl s POV and knowing her thoughts and her inner workingswould mean losing her other worldlyness and mysteriousness But I find this so much satisfying because we already met Stargirl the legend and in this book we get to meet Stargirl the girl , the kind and angry and hurtingand a [...]


    I loved the book Stargirl so much that I was almost afraid to pick this one up How could it possibly live up to the charming humor and insightful romance of the first book I was sure a kid would die of cancer in a sorry attempt to make me cry, or Stargirl would fall in love with someone else and make me mad.This book caught me totally off guard While no one dies, there is romance and relationships that rival the excellent storytelling of the first book And you get to hear Stargirl s voice for th [...]


    In this sequel, Stargirl has moved to a small Pennsylvania town and is a homeschooler again It is told from her point of view, journal style as she writes un sent letters to Leo Instead of being the outcast, Stargirl is in a town of unique characters and friends I didn t find it as honest and fun as the first one, but it is still a nice, heartwarming type book Jeers 1 Spinelli is not 100% true to the character he created in the first book 2 character of Dootsie annoying 3 Cinnamon the rat way to [...]


    I found the first book interesting, it was a quick read but the end left me wanting to find out about what happened to Stargirl The second book is from Stargirl s perspective and is written as a series of diary entries I found it really empty, I had to force myself to read a few chapters before I started caring about any of the characters I was so disappointed that most of the book was spent describing how heartbroken Stargirl was over Leo I binged it though, and the story is still fresh in my [...]


    I put off reading this for the first few months that I knew it was out there I always get nervous that the sequel won t live up to the original But, alas, I was wrong This book is just, if not, as endearing as Stargirl Here, you get to see Stargirl inside out Instead of just being a prairie skirted, ukelele playing object of Leo s eye, you see her point of view and the year that she spends after Leo The characters are amazingly original and I grew to love Stargirl even A definite read.


    Love, Stargirl was every bit as good as Stargirl It picks up after she moves away from Arizona, and is told in the form of a very long letter to Leo We get to know much about her, and she is every bit as unusual and unconventional as her name.I love this story because its message is that it s okay to be different and that being different can be wonderful Stargirl s life isn t always easy, but her guidepost in life is being true to herself, which is a good goal for people of every age.

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