Sep 25, 2020
Zeno's Conscience
Posted by Italo Svevo William Weaver

Long hailed as a seminal work of modernism in the tradition of Joyce and Kafka, and now available in a supple new English translation, Italo Svevo s charming and splendidly idiosyncratic novel conducts readers deep into one hilariously hyperactive and endlessly self deluding mind The mind in question belongs to Zeno Cosini, a neurotic Italian businessman who is writing hiLong hailed as a seminal work of modernism in the tradition of Joyce and Kafka, and now available in a supple new English translation, Italo Svevo s charming and splendidly idiosyncratic novel conducts readers deep into one hilariously hyperactive and endlessly self deluding mind The mind in question belongs to Zeno Cosini, a neurotic Italian businessman who is writing his confessions at the behest of his psychiatrist Here are Zeno s interminable attempts to quit smoking, his courtship of the beautiful yet unresponsive Ada, his unexpected and unexpectedly happy marriage to Ada s homely sister Augusta, and his affair with a shrill voiced aspiring singer Relating these misadventures with wry wit and a perspicacity at once unblinking and compassionate, Zeno s Conscience is a miracle of psychological realism.

  • Title: Zeno's Conscience
  • Author: Italo Svevo William Weaver
  • ISBN: 9780375727764
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zeno s Conscience Long hailed as a seminal work of modernism in the tradition of Joyce and Kafka and now available in a supple new English translation Italo Svevo s charming and splendidly idiosyncratic novel conduct

    Vit Babenco

    Some novels are not only unique but also inimitable and I m glad to say that Zeno s Conscience belongs to this extraordinary class of books I felt a shudder run through me at the vision of all that acid, but immediately afterwards I had a somewhat happier vision of life I didn t like lemons, but if they were to give me the liberty to do what I should do or wanted to do without suffering harm, freeing me from every other restraint, I would consume those countless lemons myself Complete freedom co [...]


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    Triest in TriesteAn amazing tour de force of sustained irony, sending up everything from male feelings of superiority to psychoanalysis.It is, I suppose, never easy being a successful businessman or for that matter even an unsuccessful one Dealing with the vagaries of commercial life on top of the usual quanta of personal tensions is bound to produce certain idiosyncrasies and, well, tics in a person of taste and discernment Just look at Donald Trump.What better way to expiate these little perso [...]


    Zeno Zeno Zeno where do I begin , life in Trieste was not going good was it, and you really did have some problems didn t you my dear old fellow, not only were attempts to cure your smoking sickness an utter disaster , after being introduced to his daughters by Giovanni Malfenti you would end up with both a lovely wife in Augusta but also a desirable mistress in Carla, and not have true feelings for either one of them And the reason , you were in love with Augusta s sister Ada but she didn t fee [...]


    i never read something boring like this before doesn t have any subject or story on it just wasting your time

    Michael Finocchiaro

    Best book ever about quitting smoking Absolutely brilliant prose and excellent characters


    Difficult to assign points to a book which I wanted to throw away most of the time I was reading it and ended up greatly admiring It is the narrative of the life of a man living in Trieste at the end of the 19th century and the tumultuous beginning of the 20th He presents us with all of the details of his foibles, bad decisions and excuses for himself We meet his father, his wife and her family, and his friends and acquaintances Often the story moves slowly as we watch the protagonist agonize ov [...]


    Zeno s Conscience is fantastic It s also very strange The first and third chapters are ferociously funny, some of the funniest prose I ve ever read if nothing else, the casual reader could fly through the first chapter, which hilariously dissects the protagonists addiction to cigarettes and his countless attempts to quit Yet there s an intense sadness and despair in other places It s been said that Zeno is almost a prototype for Woody Allen s cinematic schlemiel persona I would add that there s [...]


    If anything, I suppose this book is the victim of its own reputation I ve heard it praised very highly to me as an Italian Proust , which is an unfairly high reputation to live up to.Not to say that the book is bad The beginning half and last chapter are excellent The first parts of the book are the bumbling journeys of an awkward businessman He transcribes his life into a sort of diary to help him deal with his supposed mental illness, and the results are a brilliant piece of solipsistic art Th [...]


    Da escalofr os pensar que La conciencia de Zeno 1923 no habr a visto la luz si James Joyce, profesor de ingl s y gran amigo de Italo Svevo, no hubiese cre do en el inmenso talento de su disc pulo e insistiese en que siguiese escribiendo a pesar de la fr a acogida que cosecharon sus dos obras anteriores Sin duda, merece la pena leerla aunque s lo sea por las dos ltimas y contundentes p ginas, donde hace un despliegue de cargos contra el mayor predador de la tierra el ser humano Sus palabras resul [...]

    Nora Dillonovich

    This book took me an obscene amount of time to finish I am tempted to rattle off excuses, my various ineptitudes and the inumerable distractions that kept the book on the floor so many days But I won t They are unworthy of the time it would take to type them I read the first three sections of this book quickly compared to the hobbling with cane rate I read the rest Zeno Cosini s neuroticisms about cigarettes, love, and women were highly amusing The chapter about his father s death was touching a [...]


    I knew zeta about this author or his book until very recently when I saw its title on a site involved with world literature.Generally, when I finish a book I look for a quick online biography of its author It was written by a businessman who, with his own money, self published it in Italy in the early part of the twentieth century.It was received scanty but the demand for the work increased when his friend, a Mr James Joyce, affixed it with his imprimatur Zeno s is a well written fiction about a [...]

    Sean Wilson

    One side of me sees this autobiographical novel as a vivid, dense and well written slice of life, but the other side sees it as a rambling and convoluted novel centered around a self important narcissistJust now the latter seems to clarify my current feelings towards this novel, but I get the feeling I will come back to this when I m older, simply because it is a novel about one man s recollections of his life Again, however, Italo Svevo writes some fine sentences.


    Zeno s Conscience became an immediate favorite of mine Zeno is witty, self deprecating, sly, ironically ignorant of himself, but at glimpses he is a man of self reflecting genius Zeno and Leopold Bloom share their origins in Svevo himself, and the classical everyman is well crafted in both of them, in Zeno in particular is the lovable fool which seems to have a tradition in Italian modern literature notably Calvino s Marcovaldo and Palomar The novel s premise is the self narrated story of a man [...]

    Teresa Proença

    Zeno, ao chegar velhice e na tentativa de deixar de fumar, decide consultar um psic logo que, como terapia, o aconselha a escrever a hist ria da sua vida Uma vida normal, de um homem com muitos defeitos e poucas qualidades ego sta hipocondr aco n o tem muito interesse em estudar, ou trabalhar casa com uma mulher que n o ama e lhe infiel a vida inteira pouco afectuoso com a fam lia, chegando a aborrecer se com o choro dos filhos e com a doen a do pai Enfim, uma criatura detest vel Mas que eu ador [...]


    Ho impiegato quasi due mesi per leggere questo libro E per la prima volta ho letto pi libri contemporaneamente Mai avevo abbandonato la lettura di un libro per poi riprenderla a tappe successive E noto che non un comportamento singolare il mio Svevo fornisce il ritratto esatto di quel periodo e dell animo umano pur servendosi del peggior protagonista possibile Non un eroe, non un criminale ma un piccolo borghese con i suoi vizi e le sue vicende a dir poco tediose E la noia il minimo comun denomi [...]


    A friend on GR s brought this to my attention It wasn t a novel I d previously come across Will admit that it was also a novel that I nearly put aside because I couldn t quite gel with Zeno, his thoughts, various ailments, neurotic disposition or his indecisiveness to say the least Zeno was an unreliable narrator, however it was his story to tell and to psychoanalyse.Having said that Zeno did grow on me and I quite enjoyed reading his thoughts and seeing life through Zeno s eyes.Thoroughly enjoy [...]


    Pur riconoscendo il valore letterario di quest opera ammetto di aver faticato non poco a tenere alto il livello di concentrazione in certi passaggi Sono convinta che se invece di ascoltare un audiolibro letto oltretutto dal bravissimo Dario Penne , ne avessi letto l edizione scritta avrei trovato ancora pi difficolt La trama ben strutturata e lo stile di Svevo interessante e ricco forse troppo , ma ho trovato Zeno un personaggio difficilmente tollerabile e per lo pi tediose la maggior parte dell [...]

    Muauia Alabdulmagid

    Aron Hector Schmitz Trieste 1861 1878 1880 l Indipendente di Trieste 1885 1892 Italo Svevo 1893 1901 1895 1898 1899 1906 1914 1915 1918 1919 1922 1923 13 1928 Zeno Xenos .

    M. Sarki

    msarki.tumblr post 1448697Of course there was much less to read back in the time of James Joyce when he claimed this novel a masterpiece I suppose its thoughtful cleverness and neuroticism sufficiently entertained this literary icon But its subject was to provide only a guarded level of interest enough to sustain my own reading for nearly half of it The opening psychoanalytical concept presented as a doctor s orders for Zeno to write his memoirs as a form of therapy, and the opening threat of di [...]

    Quarantadue Larisposta

    Zeno Cosini era un invidioso La Coscienza di Zeno di Italo Svevo declina tanti temi e quello dell invidia non proprio il tema principale del libro Le tematiche principali vertono sulla malattia dell uomo contemporaneo, la nevrosi, e sull impossibilit di una guarigione, il tutto, ovviamente, in prospettiva psicoanalitica, ma l invidia interessante perch il protagonista vive questo sentimento nel modo pi comune alle persone, infatti, non roso dall invidia e non la esplicita mai.Per chi non lo aves [...]

    Josh Friedlander

    I was completely taken aback by how funny this was Recommendations from Jameses Joyce and Woods coupled with its lengthiness, led me to believe this book would be a heavy, somber, read It s a joy, an encomium to the Everyman, a Walserian celebration of dorky, awkward neurotics who marry plain women when rebuffed by others, flail in business, and, leaning over their fathers deathbeds, are slapped in the face Occasionally, Svevo can tend to verbosity, dragging out a series of guilty recriminations [...]

    Sinem A.

    net ve sade anlat lan olaylar ile araya serpi tirilen aforizmalardan m tevellit kitab n ok da y ksek bir okuma zevki sunmad kanaatindeyim yani benim kanaatim tabi znel nacizane

    hanan al-herbish al-herbish


    I read Zeno s Conscience because I saw it on a 2002 list of the 100 greatest works of literature compiled by the Norwegian Book Clubs with the help of 100 authors from around the world and wanted to take a look at it After a few pages, I was hooked It purports to be a diary that was written for a psychiatrist, and which the psychiatrist has published for his own benefit rather than for the hero narrator, Zeno Cosini, a well to do businessman of moderate talent in the city of Trieste, then under [...]

    Yair Ben-Zvi

    This is a fascinating book which has a lot working against it old views, old contexts lending themselves to some unfortunate views like sexism, light racism, etc but, like an able dialectic, these only serve to augment this book s positives.The story of Zeno and his battle with, essentially, himself and his litany of neurotic obsessions and how this is reflected by and caused by and a cause of his external circumstances is one that is uniquely, and enjoyably maddening Though not always funny, it [...]

    Silvia Sirea

    Questo uno di quei libri che vengono studiati a scuola, durante l ultimo anno, ed proprio in quel periodo che ne venni a conoscenza e ho sin da subito desiderato leggerlo Tutto ha inizio con la celeberrima Premessa del dottor S, il quale, quasi per fare un dispetto al suo paziente Zeno Cosini che ha interrotto di sua volont la terapia di psico analisi cui era stato sottoposto dal dottore su menzionato, decide di pubblicare il diario in cui Zeno ha raccolto i suoi pensieri, sempre sotto indicazio [...]


    Ho letto La Coscienza di Zeno in italiano un decennio fa Pu essere il miglior libro su un fumatore compulsivo, e mi ha fatto venire voglia di visitare Trieste Naturalmente, Joyce imparato molto, e accreditato Svevo Joyce insegnava inglese e italiano in fondo alla strada da Svevo a Trieste Joyce aveva provato meglio italiano che su English secondo gli esaminatori italiani.I read The Conscience of Zeno in Italian a decade ago It may be the best book of a compulsive smoker, and made me want to visi [...]

    Yazeed AlMogren

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