Sep 25, 2020
Old Songs in a New Cafe: Selected Essays
Posted by Robert James Waller

From Robert James Waller comes a wonderful collection of 19 essays all of them as romantic, reflective, and timeless as readers have come to expect from the author of The Bridges of Madison County a celebration of life and loss, of what things still can be.

  • Title: Old Songs in a New Cafe: Selected Essays
  • Author: Robert James Waller
  • ISBN: 9780446517980
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Old Songs in a New Cafe Selected Essays From Robert James Waller comes a wonderful collection of essays all of them as romantic reflective and timeless as readers have come to expect from the author of The Bridges of Madison County a c


    I LOVE this book Anything I wrote would be a spoiler, so all I will say is that is it a must read


    I am of mixed mind in deciding how to rate this book The stories are mostly good and well written They offer an interesting look at the Iowa Waller knew as a boy and the Iowa of the late 1980s when most of these essays were written His love for his home state and the outdoors comes shining through But there are also things that bother me These are, in fact, old songs Each essay was previously published, mostly in the Des Moines Register Their publication in this book is clearly the author and pu [...]


    I picked Old Songs up at Goodwill on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised Waller s writing is lovely his personality and passion easily shine through On the one hand, I d like to give this book five stars for his talent and ability to engage me on topics for which I would not normally care However, I m only giving him four stars after researching him and discovering that Waller had a seven year affair before confessing his adultery to his wife Tragic and disappointing as his indiscretions are, I [...]


    Some of his best writing.

    John Sperling

    It s been a while since I read these stories, but I remember how much I love them.


    My 2nd favorite book of all time MUST read this one, must.

    Angie Dickerson

    This is the very BEST collections of short stories I ve ever read Waller sinks his teeth into reality, takes hold of your emotions and never lets go This is one of the few books I DO NOT pack in boxes with my other 100 s when I move I carry this one with me in my carry on I ve had it for over a decade It s pages are starting to show their age The first short memoir in this masterpiece collection, Excavating Rachel s Room makes me cry every time it really does a job of pulling on my heart strings [...]

    Kirk Weikart

    Waller has a laid back and comfortable rhythm to his writing His stories are sometime humorous, sometimes poignant, but always entertaining His personality is already missed in books, photos and music.


    I m not sure if this qualifies as non fiction or memoirs , so I m filing it as both Even though memoirs aren t always fact ful Which is why they get their own shelf.I m always bringing books to church and reading them before the service, after the service, and occasionally during the service if I m almost done with my chapter Or if I m really tired and I don t feel like listening to our pastor drone on I m one of the youngest active members of the church, and I m the youngest active member of th [...]

    James Cardona

    The author most well known for The Bridges of Madison County previously held a newspaper reporter position in Des Moines, Iowa Old Songs in A New Cafe is a selection of essays that he wrote and as I understand most if not all were published in the paper when he worked there.Not all of them struck me, but those that did tugged my heart strings, giving me pause Waller has a great ability to take a common place event, revealing some small, insignificant detail about it, then spinning the tale in su [...]


    I found this while perusing my bookshelf at home I had it for a long while and somehow never read it I found it to be sentimental, emotional and thought provoking I really enjoyed it While reading it I had the thought that Mr Waller knows what is truely important in life as he waxed nostalgic about his wife in one essay and his daughter in another A day or two later, curious about what had become of him, I did a Google search and was devastated to find that he divorced his wife, the beguiling Ge [...]

    Kiera Beddes

    Waller has a fantastic, extremely personal voice in each of his essays that comprise this book Very, very good book, one that I am tempted to give to everyone I know He treats a number of topics ranging from environmentalism to romance to childhood heroes to his daughter leaving home to an ode to his wife without sounding preaching or inapplicable Waller is incredibly insightful and creates a lot of opportunity for thought and self introspection I teared up in A Waltz for Georgia Ann and bawled [...]


    Sentimental, absolutely Between these covers, I decided to suspend judgement and as a result, the story unfolded and transcended for me This was written in a different time, so keep in mind articles featuring female characters in particular are accessory and superficial than are the stories about men I would strongly suggest a small glass of wine, to assist the reader to effectively pore over the elegance and ease of his description Waller has an extraordinary sense of the world and it was enj [...]


    The first few and the last one were my favorites I loved the first one, about packing up his daughter s room and reflecting on the time that she lived with them The next one, about his wife, was enough to make me tear up.There were a handful of other essays in here that I thought were great and strong.The ones in between mostly the ones about sports, animals and so on didn t connect with me as much, but it was worth it because I loved the others so much This was a short book and I read in in jus [...]


    I ve had this book for a while Don t really remember when or why I got it but I m glad I finally got around to reading it There were a few selections I didn t care for but overall it was an enjoyable read If you are an animal lover be sure to have a tissue at hand when you read A Canticle for Roadcatholy crap I bawled like a woman whose husband just left her took her jewelry box It was probably ten times worse because I ve lost pets who were near dear to me I m just glad I read it while everyone [...]


    Reading Robert James Waller s Old Songs in a New Cafe was a great experience in not judging something outright I never would have thought I d enjoy something by the writer of The Bridges of Madison County , but I found myself thoroughly enjoying this collection of personal essays The essays range over a host of topics including animals, wilderness exploration, youth and lessons learned, sports, and many others They are not connected so this collection can be read as a whole as individual pieces [...]

    Stephanie Graves

    A couple of the essays A Canticle for Roadcat and romance in particular are truly transcendent, and there are real moments of mirth as well, but all in all the obviousness that most of these began life as newspaper columns is clear And, well, newspaper writing is not my preferred style Too stilted, too stripped bare.But, a good read nonetheless, particularly if you are given over to sentimentality like I am.


    This novel, Old Songs In A New Cafe, is by author Robert James Waller,author of The Bridges Of Madison County.This novel is about people and animals, nature and all things we care about.It is about growing up, finding love and getting older.The novel is written with great passion, and maturity.This non fiction novel is wise and moving, and lets you inside the mind of the writer.A beautiful novel.


    I started reading this just cuz thrift store special 50 cent bargin Heartfelt autobiographic short stories childhood adventures, family, animals, hobbies things which have been or are important to the author A small book quick read Enjoyable little book to read while eating a bowl of fruit yogurt lol


    This collection of stories provided a good escape at the end of hideous work days Waller s perspective rang true, especially when I applied his theories to those I find myself surrounded by during the work day Having a wandering spirit combined with an introverted personality is not such a bad thing after all

    Jacques Siebrits

    Enjoyed the first two essays stories, and one or two later on in the book, but some didn t work for me at all, in particular the one narrated by a goose that survived a hunt Also finished the book with a feeling that Waller thinks he is a bit of a sage Lastly, his writing style irrirated me at times.


    hmm, this might be a low rating after the last book i read the help was so good but this was written well style similar to bridges of madison county i enjoyed getting to know him as a man, rather than him the writer some lines were very poiniant the style was soothing yet most of it lulled me to sleep rather than moved me to act.

    P Cleo

    I was very disappointed with this book While I know that books and movies are different, I saw the film Bridges of Madison County I refused to read the book, because I wanted the imagery, the emotions it aroused in me to stay I guess I was expecting to much I thought the writing was very choppy The essays did not capture or sustain my interest.


    First story Evacuating Rachael s Room is very true to life His stories resonate feelings of the past and the present and if you don t feel anything after reading this book then well, I don t know what else to say.

    Carolyn Scott

    I enjoyed the stories If you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth, you probably wouldn t relate or understand this one But if you relate to an older lifestyle and truth in living, you should enjoy this book.


    What a nice collection of short stories essays I love it that the author, Robert James Waller, read them himself He has such a nice, comforting voice I enjoyed all his pieces but my favorite was the one about their feline friend Road Cat.


    Really appreciated these essays written by Waller A few that stand out include his commencement speech, Road Kill and Jump Shots Listened to it in audio form read by the author This one is a keeper

    Shannon Erickson

    This is my absolute favorite book ever Everyone I have recommended it to couldn t put it down and loved it as well The stories are heartfelt and life experiences you can relate to.


    If you re doing a good job, and somebody knows it and appreciates it, that s about as good as life gets.


    lyrical, nostalgic without being saccharine sweet

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