Oct 22, 2020
Posted by Paulo Coelho

Transforme sua vida Reescreva seu destino Num tom franco e extremamente pessoal, Paulo Coelho relata sua incr vel jornada de autodescoberta Como o pastor Santiago de seu grande sucesso O alquimista, o escritor vive uma grave crise de f procura de um caminho de renova o e crescimento espiritual, ele resolve come ar tudo de novo viajar, experimentar, se reconectar Transforme sua vida Reescreva seu destino Num tom franco e extremamente pessoal, Paulo Coelho relata sua incr vel jornada de autodescoberta Como o pastor Santiago de seu grande sucesso O alquimista, o escritor vive uma grave crise de f procura de um caminho de renova o e crescimento espiritual, ele resolve come ar tudo de novo viajar, experimentar, se reconectar s pessoas e ao mundo Ao embarcar para a frica, depois para a Europa e, por fim, cruzar a sia pela ferrovia transiberiana, Paulo busca revitalizar sua energia e sua paix o Mas nem pode imaginar que surpresa essa peregrina o lhe reserva Ele conhece Hilal, uma jovem e talentosa violinista, e descobre que ela foi sua grande paix o numa vida passada, mas que ele a traiu de maneira t o covarde que, mesmo 500 anos depois, isso o impede de ser feliz Juntos, os dois se lan am numa viagem pelo tempo e o espa o, abrindo se para o amor, o perd o e a coragem de enfrentar os desafios da vida.

  • Title: Aleph
  • Author: Paulo Coelho
  • ISBN: 9788575425770
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
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    Aleph Transforme sua vida Reescreva seu destino Num tom franco e extremamente pessoal Paulo Coelho relata sua incr vel jornada de autodescoberta Como o pastor Santiago de seu grande sucesso O alquimista o

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    When already famous novelists approach their twilight years, do you notice that some of them become strange Last week, I read about Haruki Murakami born 1949 now 62 trying to train himself as a triathlon participant at the age of 55 while writing his memoir What I Talk About When I Talk About Running 2007 Currently, I am reading a book by John Steinbeck 1902 1968 who at the age of 59 toured along several states living in a trailer together with his poodle dog Charley and wrote his adventure in T [...]

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    With what intention did Paulo Coelho wrote this book Any moral or source of inspiration and worst of all, any story if present in this book were probably beyond my grasp or there were none to be found.Why do I say no story In very general, a story has three parts the beginning, the middle and the end This book seemed to me just one of those three part and which one, I don t have the slightest idea The BookThis is an autobiography and in the entire story the author travels on trans Siberian railw [...]

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    The book made me realize that one can really love two different person at a time You can love another one even if you re committed with someone without being called a womanizer or anything that you can relate to that.Paulo Coelho s Aleph is about Paulo having met a woman he loved 500 years ago, in the current time wherein he is 59 years old and the girl is 21 years old He met the girl, Hilal, again in a different time, the now, where in Paulo is already stabled with his wife.Paulo admitted that [...]


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    Hari ini gue menghadiri diskusi buku ini di Times book store Kemang Dan itu adalah diskusi buku pertama yang pernah gue hadiri selama ini It was nice, actually Berada di dalam satu ruangan dengan orang orang yang penasaran, Buku apa sih ini Apa sih yang mau dibahas Ada pengarangnya bakal dateng ya hehehe, ada nih satu pengunjung yang ternyata diam diam berharap ini dan lain lain.Anyways, gue adalah orang kedua di event tadi yang sharing mengenai pengalaman membaca buku ini.Dan gue akan sharing l [...]

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    Aleph, Paulo CoelhoAleph is a 2011 novel by the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho An autobiographical account of Coelho, it is his fourteenth major book, and touches on the theme of spirituality Aleph was written in Coelho s native language, Portuguese The book tells the story of his own epiphany while on a pilgrimage through Asia in 2006 on the Trans Siberian Railway The title of the novel is based on Jorge Luis Borges short story The Aleph, from 1945 Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew and Ara [...]


    for the last 4 books and i m giving Paolo Coelho chances to change my bad impression about him,,i think this was the last chance his books are either so good or so bad that i barely finished many of them this book talks about his journey crossing Russia on train the events are so slow and even nothing happens,, i was finishing chapter after chapter waiting to reach the crucial point of the story,,but nothing happenedi know nothing about other lives if they do exist or not,, but the way he talks [...]


    I regret that I invested time in reading Coelho s Aleph.There are some books written by Coelho that I like, and with Borges in mind the title Aleph appealed to me.With his opening prayer Coelho send nod of assent to the Argentinian genius Borges short story Aleph In Borges story, the Aleph is a point in space that contains all other points Anyone who gazes into it can see everything in the universe from every angle simultaneously, without distortion, overlapping or confusion.But Borges Aleph is [...]





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    This book was deeply disappointing and left me feeling very uneasy about the author It it the first book I ve read by Coelho, and I my expectations were high The premise was interesting a sense of spiritual dissatisfaction propelling the author to undertake a series of journeys to unexplored places, meeting his readers Unfortunately, there were no deep spiritual insights on display, only yet another banal late middle age crisis involving a young woman.The book centers around Coelho s journey to [...]

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    This was a wonderful and amazing book Without realizing it the author took me on journey of self discovery that opened my eyes to the newness of the world I feel that this book is on par with the Alchemist In its own unique way it continues the story I read the Alchemist just after graduating from college I was new to adult independent living and looking to command the world I discover Mr Coelho s book the Alchemist and learn of spiritual transformations and growth Now I am in my late 30 s and r [...]


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    I would sum up this book in two words delectable revelation of Paulo s creativity returning on the shelves once it is the perfect example why this man is adored and continues to inspire many across the globe touching all ethnicities.It was far from predictable as read in Winner Stands Alone and better than his other autobiography expeditions written in the past, such as The Valkyries A Journey from A to B is one thing But a journey made by Paulo is another experience as it will be short from dr [...]

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    How This Resonates With Me with quotes from Aleph 1 Just when you think you have things figured out, the universe challenges you again I have learned and unlearned how to live hundreds of times I go through a period of euphoria, which gradually dissipates My journey through Europe has seen a lot of ups and downs There are times I feel like I understand life, the world, and myself I m on top of the world and everything seems to fall into place And then the universe seems to wave its finger, look [...]



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    De los libros de Paulo Coelho siempre he escuchado cosas como qu magn fico libro o por el contrario qu decepci n A m siempre me ha gustado pensar que sus libros son de temporada Cuando lees uno de sus libros tienes que estar en la estaci n adecuada, en el momento de tu vida exacto para que sus letras te cautiven, se te marquen en el piel y en el alma.Abrir Aleph es iniciar un recorrido hacia el descubrimiento del perd n, del amor y de la belleza En un recorrido por la transiberiana, Paulo Coelho [...]

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    I would ve liked this book a lot better had it been a novel Although I believe in spiritual journeys, I m neither comfortable nor convinced about entering a past life to detect and remedy a fix for the present life.Hilal is such a bizarre character, and frankly, it s what makes her interesting She s emotionally immature and insecure perhaps quite normal for a 21 yr old, but she s also aggressive, insensitive, rude, and refuses to accept no for an answer In a strange way though, I admire her abil [...]



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    This is the second book by the author I have had an opportunity to read The first was The Alchemist which I would like to read a second time.The author while being a Portuguese speaking person from Brazil has been able to digest the Hindu principles of re incarnations and principles of multi universes, has also managed to bring to life the spiritual principles guiding these phenomena which our scientists can t or won t analyse The trance Siberian journey of over 9000 Kms is supposed to be a pilg [...]

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